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Brand authority Strengths Gaps v2

Uncover your strengths and gaps

Does your website need some fine-tuning? Or should you be investing more in your offline advertising? Brand Authority can help you expand your vision beyond SEO, and assess how you should allocate your time, resources, and budget.

Brand authority Growth

Assess brand value and growth potential

Don’t miss out on significant opportunities. Brand Authority allows you to compare influence and growth potential when considering sales prospects or Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) targets so you can have confidence that you’re driving the expansion of your portfolio.

Brand authority PR

Measure the impact of your PR efforts

With Brand Authority, you don’t need to guess if your digital PR campaigns are benefiting your brand. A big part of the PR game is the viral power of the mentions themselves and Brand Authority allows you to quickly assess the influence of the media brands that pick up your stories.

Brand authority dr pete

Dr. Pete says

"We know brands matter in the world and on Google. With Brand Authority, we can finally understand how much they matter and put that power to work. Brand Authority takes away the hand-waving and makes the concept of brands concrete so that we can see the big picture of our own sites, our prospects, and our marketing and PR efforts."

Dr. Pete Meyers | Marketing Scientist at Moz

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