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    302 temporary riderect 301 http status image issue

    #302HTTP #temporaryredirect
    Hi everyone, Recently I have faced a crawl issue with my media images on website. For example this page url has 302 HTTP Status and the recommendation is to change it 301. I have read the article on temporary redirections here:
    but its not written here how to redirect in my HTML 1 image url not the landing page.
    Screenshot 2023-12-15 at 11.02.40.png
    I have messaged to MOZ Support but they recommended to go for the MOZ Community!
    Screenshot 2023-12-15 at 11.06.02.png Could you assist me wit this issue please? I can reach HTTML of the necessary page and change what I need for permanent redirection but firstly I need to understand how to do that correctly.

    Technical SEO | | Damian_Ed 0

  • domain 301 redirect 302

    I have two domains and one of them is being phased out. Currently, there are some 301 redirects in place for the main pages but I was wondering if it would be better / easier to just set up domain forwarding? I can't seem to find anywhere that tells you the "type" domain forwarding, is it 301? 302? etc. Thanks,

    SEO Tactics | | BrandonDebison

  • authority redirect 302

    Hi, I have the opportunity to acquire a domain of a company that is closing in a similar industry who currently have a decent Authority - 51DA, 5,752 Linking Domains. I cannot do anything with the new business yet but if I acquire the domain the existing website will turn off. If I crawl the existing site and 302 redirect all pages to a holding page on said domain, will that preserve authority while I start the new business and build the new website and like-for-like pages?

    Technical SEO | | Ant-Scarborough
  • Unsolved

    redirect 302 308

    Got a looooong list of redirect issues in my crawl for a new client, all reported as 302s but as far as I can see they are all 308s... which is perfectly fine, right, or have I missed a memo? They even confirm the 308 status in the moz detail.

    Moz Pro | | Algorhythm_jT

  • redirect 301 redirect 302 international seo

    We need to establish if 301 or 302 response code is to be used for our auto redirects based on Accept-Language header.
    30x >
    30x >
    30x > The site architecture is set up with proper inline HREFLANG.
    We have read different opinions about this, Ahrefs says 302 is the correct one:
    302 redirect:
    "You want to redirect users to the right version of the site for them (based on location/language)." You could argue that the root redirect is never permanent as it varies based on user language settings (302)
    On the other hand, the lang specific redirects are permanent per language: IF Accept-Language header = en > 301 >
    IF Accept-Language header = ru > 301 > So each of these is 'permanent'. So which is the correct?

    International SEO | | fJ66doneOIdDpj

  • magento 302

    Hi all, I'm assigned a site in Magento. After the first craw, we found almost 15k 302 redirects. A sample URL ends with this /stores/store/switch/?SID=qdq9mf1u6afgodo1vtvk0ucdpb&___from_store=default&___store=german&uenc=aHR0cHM6Ly9qdWljeWZsdXRlcy5jb20vP19fX3N0b3JlPWdlcm1hbg%2C%2C And they are currently 302 redirecting to the homepage as well as other main pages and also product pages it seems. Some of these point to account pages where customers log in. Probably best for me to de-index those so no issues there. But I'm worried about the 302 redirects to public pages. The extension we have installed is SEO Suite Ultimate by MageWorx. Does anyone here have experience here specifically and how did you fix it? Thanks, JC

    Technical SEO | | LASClients

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