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  • Unsolved

    keyword difficulty keyword explorer keyword rankings keywords

    What are the most effective strategies for managing keyword difficulty (KD) in the Swiss market's competitive landscape, considering factors such as language variations, regional preferences, and search engine algorithms?

    Keyword Research | | digitavision2288

  • site name international seo cctlds

    We are currently experiencing issues with our subdomain SiteName. Our parent company root domain is a Japanese language site, but we have an English subdomain that is for the United States primarily, and nearly rest of world for organic traffic. Our issue is that we have followed the guidelines here: There was a large post on here with many responses including Googlers with issues others were having, but it has since been removed. Here is the code in place on our homepage: <script
    type="application/ld+json"> { "@context": "",
    "@type": "WebSite",
    "name": "Mescius Developer Tools",
    "alternateName": ["Mescius, inc.", ""],
    "url": "" }
    </script> Unfortunately this is what is appearing in the SERP. It is using the Japanese equivalent of our parent company. Screenshot 2024-02-23 at 3.37.55 PM.png Even though the relationship between root and subdomain should not be causing this, it seems like something is impacting this incorrect SiteName, and it is impacting CTR for the subdomain. Has anyone else experienced this and found a fix?

    Technical SEO | | Evan_Wright

  • wordpress

    good morning I have a wordpress site I have activated the multisite, currently the site has a domain authority of 8, when I publish a post, it is indexed quite quickly, if I publish a post in a language other than the /es ​​subdomain it takes 24 hours why? If the author domain is the same, why does the employee take longer to be indexed on Google? Thank you

    Technical SEO | | alainscilly77
  • Unsolved


    estoy tratando dias para aumentar mi seo en moz pero no veo resultados alguien puede ayudarme?

    Moz Pro | | ipautapro

  • short post

    From an SEO standpoint, is it worth keeping a blog post that only has a few images and a few sentences? I think the post was meant to be a 'Recent Work' type of a post, but there's only a few images in it and a few short sentences. I'm thinking they're basically useless since I've created an image gallery elsewhere and I'm tempted to delete them.

    SEO Tactics | | camerontway

  • canonical indexing serps canonical duplicate url issue

    My client's CMS uses an internal linking structure that includes index.php at the end of the URLs. The site also works using SEO-friendly URLs without index.php, so the SEO tool identified a duplicate content issue. Their marketing team thought the pages with index.php would have better link equity and rank higher, so they added a canonical ref tag, making the index.php version of the pages the canonical page. As a result, the site dropped in the rankings by a LOT and has not recovered in the last 3-months. It appears that Google had automatically selected the SEO-friendly URLs as the canonical page, and by switching, it re-indexed the entire site. The question we have is, should they change it back? Or will this cause the site to be reindexed again, resulting in an even lower ranking?

    Technical SEO | | TienB24

  • slug product pages

    Hello all, I have an online store, let's say for example I sell forks of all kinds and colors. So naturally, I have 'product category' pages with titles and slugs like: Big forks
    Small forks
    Plastic forks
    Red fork
    etc.. And plenty of product pages with slugs and H1 like: Small red fork
    Large plastic fork
    18th-century fork
    etc... Some category pages are well-ranked, others are not, the same goes for product pages. The problem is that for the main keyword, 'fork' (exact query in the search console), my site is completely absent. Google should logically have referenced my homepage (which has links to all categories) for this main keyword. I have also optimized the page for it, without overdoing it. I wonder if it's not because I have a lot of pages with 'fork' in the slug, and perhaps Google thinks it's too much (even though it's logical for this word to be present in all product pages because it's an essential word to describe the product). I wonder if I should not modify half of my product pages to remove the word 'fork' from the slug...(only from the slug, without touching the H1 because removing the word 'fork' would remove its meaning). Do you have any experiences with this kind of issue? I wouldn't ask the question if my homepage was behind the competition, but it's completely absent. Thanks

    On-Page Optimization | | Veptune
  • This question is deleted!

  • Unsolved

    sitemaps seo tactic

    Hi there, I could use your help with something. Last week, I submitted my sitemap in the search console to improve my website's visibility on Google. Unfortunately, I got an error message saying that Google is not reading my sitemap. I'm not sure what went wrong. Could you take a look at my site ( and let me know if there's anything I can do to fix the issue? I would appreciate your help. Thank you so much!

    Intermediate & Advanced SEO | | OceanXD
  • Unsolved

    invoices moz academy

    Hello, in December 2023, I purchased courses at the Moz Academy. To get my administration in order, I would like to have the invoices for these. Unfortunately, I can't find them anywhere. Would anyone know where I should look? The invoices from the Moz Academy are not among the invoices for the Moz subscription.

    Product Support | | Nilsson-SEO
  • Unsolved


    I was searching keywords for my new blog post and suddenly Moz stopped showing KD of keywords.

    Keyword Explorer | | erozgaar5
  • Unsolved

    moz pro error

    i have enter my site but i got an error
    Ooops. Our crawlers are unable to access that URL - please check to make sure it is correct
    what is problem ?

    Moz Pro | | ssblawton2533
  • This question is deleted!


  • competitor campaign settings url

    Hello, I am trying to set up a competitor with language slug for my (subfolder) website with a language slug. Let's say my website is something like:
    My competitor is: When I go to Campaign Settings > Comptetitor Sites > type in > Hit Save Competitor > Then it shows the saved competitor without the language slug as I am not sure if this is a correct method of tracking since for my DE website I would like to track the DE page of the competitor, not their global page. Please correct me if I am wrong and help me out on possible solutions? I am quite new to SEO & Moz , so any help on the topic would be appreciated.

    Competitive Research | | Siir

  • seo googlescholar

    Hi all! We have a client who publishes scholarly research as a highly regarded non-profit. Their Publications aren't being indexed in Google Scholar 50% of the time and when they are, Google is pulling random stuff from a PDF vs. from the html page. Any advice on best practices is enormously appreciated

    SERP Trends | | SimpleSearch
  • Unsolved


    Hello. I paid for the subscription on Wednesday, January 03, 2024, and they blocked me on Wednesday, January 28, 2024. You set me up, I was counting on the next payment in February.
    Why did it happen?!

    Moz Pro | | bartelbi
  • Unsolved

    moz local

    I'm facing an issue with the local Moz listing for my client's 7-year-old business at Despite following best practices like GMB verification and NAP consistency, the business isn't showing on Moz Maps. Any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your assistance.

    Moz Local | | HarryPerry

  • relcanonical crawling post

    Hi there,
    I currently have a number of URLs throughout my site of the form: This sends the user through to a page showing hotels near the O2 Academy Islington. Once the page loads, my code looks at the parameters specified in the # part of the URL, and uses them to fill in a form, before submitting the form as a POST. This basically reloads the page, but checks the availability of the hotels first, and therefore returns slightly different content to the "canonical" version of this page (which simply lists the hotels before any availability checks done). Until now, I've marked the page that has had availability checks as noindex,follow. But because the form was submitted with POST parameters, the URL looks exactly like the canonical one. So the two URLs are identical, but due to POST parameters, the content is slightly different. Does that make sense? My question is, should both versions of this page be marked as index,follow? Thanks

    On-Page Optimization | | mjk26
  • Unsolved This question is deleted!


  • seo tactics

    Our brand is called The Queen's Lace. Based on Search Console, more people search for it by "Queens Lace" than "The Queen's Lace". Any suggestions on how I can improve SEO on "Queens Lace"? Search Console (last 28 days) "the queen's lace": 206 impressions, 60.7% CTR, 1.1 avg position "queens lace": 518 impressions, 46.3% CTR, 2.2 avg position Note: our domain is and I use a redirect from Thanks,

    Technical SEO | | pmk0

  • ga4 indexing

    When my website Custom Made Casino switched from universal analytics to GA, i have noticed that now in the behavior section it is showing 2 versions of my homepage which I feel may be impacting seo. It is showing the main url which we use for everything, , and it is showing This was never the case with universal. Does anyone know if this is a problem and if so, how do i fix it so that our proper homepage is what is indexed?

    Technical SEO | | CustomMadeCasino
  • Unsolved

    download keyword list csv

    I'm just getting starting with MOZ Pro and I may be missing something simple. If MOZ says my site currently ranks for 9.1K keywords, is there a way I can download to CSV that 9.1K list? I have a MOZ Pro account, but haven't figured out how to do this. Thanks for the help!

    Getting Started | | MarvinsP32

  • content marketing

    It would be great if some SEO experts could answer this for us. Suppose a website is brand new. How often should you publish new blog posts on the website?
    Publishing, say, every single day or fairly frequently, without the offsite seo being built up first i.e. no backlinks; can this damage the organic SEO?
    By publishing too much new written work, and could posting so frequently like everyday look like spam? That’s if though the written work is white hat.
    Is there a golden rule to publish say once a month until the website’s offsite backlinks have increased?
    Please help, as some clients are pushing for content marketing to be added and written daily, yet this seems too much despite them wanting to pay, it seems like it could cause an over optimisation issue? Could it also damage the long-term SEO efforts?

    SEO Tactics | | Ryan07
  • Unsolved

    moz tools moz pro

    I have installed moz addon in chrome and for some search results moz shows metrics under search card but for some keywords does not. This is very anoying. Could you help?

    Moz Bar | | paulavervo
  • Unsolved


    We have run Moz Pro's Site Crawl for Why has Moz's crawler decided to site (ie the non-secure version) as zero crawl depth page and report the actually live (ie secure HTTP2 version) as a crawl depth of 2? Surely the main live page should be the first crawled and reported as crawl depth = 0?

    Moz Pro | | AKCAC

  • google http https indexation crawl

    Whole website moved to https://www. HTTP/2 version 3 years ago. When we review log files, it is clear that - for the home page - GoogleBot continues to only access via HTTP/1.1 protocol Robots file is correct (simply allowing all and referring to https://www. sitemap Sitemap is referencing https://www. pages including homepage Hosting provider has confirmed server is correctly configured to support HTTP/2 and provided evidence of accessing via HTTP/2 working 301 redirects set up for non-secure and non-www versions of website all to https://www. version Not using a CDN or proxy GSC reports home page as correctly indexed (with https://www. version canonicalised) but does still have the non-secure version of website as the referring page in the Discovery section. GSC also reports homepage as being crawled every day or so. Totally understand it can take time to update index, but we are at a complete loss to understand why GoogleBot continues to only go through HTTP/1.1 version not 2 Possibly related issue - and of course what is causing concern - is that new pages of site seem to index and perform well in SERP ... except home page. This never makes it to page 1 (other than for brand name) despite rating multiples higher in terms of content, speed etc than other pages which still get indexed in preference to home page. Any thoughts, further tests, ideas, direction or anything will be much appreciated!

    Technical SEO | | AKCAC

  • 301 redirect 301 redirects

    I have a question about reusing an already 301 redirected URL Till now I never reused an URLs that has been already redirected with a 301 redirect. However, I just started working on a website where in past they created a lot of 301 redirects without thinking about the future, and now certain URLs, that are currently redirected with a 301, would be very useful (exact match) and needed (for some of the most important keywords for this specific business), to maintain an optimal, homogeneous and "beautiful" URL structure. Has any of you ever reused a URL that was previously redirected with a 301 redirect? If yes what are your experiences with it? Can content on the reused URL (that was previously 301 redirected and than the redirect removed) normally rank if the page is reestablished and the redirect is removed (and you do great content, on page, internal linking, backlinking, .... ) or is such an URL risky / not recommended / "burned" forever and not recommended to be reused again... especially for very important keywords since it present the exact match ?! Thank you very much for all your help! Regards

    Technical SEO | | moz46y

  • tf trust flow cf

    Increasing your Trust Flow What news methods to increase trust flow majestic?
    Some say that there are methods to climb trust flow majestic in 15-30 days, does anyone know the method?
    Some say that they can increase trust flow on any portal in 30 days from 0 to 20/100.
    What are the methods of such a thing?

    Community | |
  • Unsolved

    refunds subscription

    Re: Request for refund. Hi, I forgot to cancel my subscription before it expired. Currently I don't need this product, it's a lot of money for me and I can't afford it. I would be very grateful if you return the money and help in this difficult situation. Please think about this. I missed the date by one day. I will be very grateful.

    Product Support | | davitlamp
  • Unsolved


    How do i sync my yelp on my Moz Local? #Yelp

    Moz Local | | CTSoftwash

  • ranking ecommerce

    I am working on an e-commerce niche website and I aim to rank higher on Google to drive more traffic to my website. Any suggestions?

    Link Building | | digitalenginehub

  • local seo

    Hi all SEO experts, if a website is brand new, so published in the last 3 months- new domain name and website design. We have rebranded recently, using a new domain as entered new business partnership, there doesn’t seem to be much guidance on this at all, from various SEO websites, so our question is would you delay publishing new blog posts / content marketing as frequently because the company website is brand new? So would SEO’s decrease the frequency of publication of blog posts, because the website is new? Or perhaps it does not matter, and would still post every week as you would if the website has been live for a long time? So, in nutshell, what we are wondering is, is the “Google Sandbox” still in use?

    Local SEO | | Ryan07

  • shopify wordpress canonical

    We have pages on our shopify site example - That we want to put a rel canonical tag on to direct to our wordpress site page - We have links form the wordpress page to the shop page, and over time ahve found that google has ranked the shop pages over the wp pages, which we do not want. So we want to put rel canonical tags on the shop pages to say the wp page is the authority. I hope that makes sense, and I would appreciate your feeback and best solution. Thanks! Is that possible?

    Intermediate & Advanced SEO | | shabbirmoosa

  • content development content optimization

    we run a tourism information website about a region in italy, and each year, during special occasions such as christmas, easter and so on we publish an article with a "what to do on Christmas / Easter / .... in the Langhe" (collecting events, activities, etc.). Is it better to "reuse" the old articles and change only the year in the title and of course the content (providing that we are gonna keep the URL without year), or to publish a new one? thanks!

    Content Development | | Enrico_Cassinelli
  • Unsolved

    moz free moz

    Hello, I was using the free account of your site and now the money has been deducted from my account. This is despite the fact that I did not need this account and had canceled the automatic withdrawal.
    What should I do to get my money back?

    Product Support | | housinosop
  • Unsolved

    domain authority visibility score domain migration

    Hi Moz Peeps, I have a client who has taken over an old domain from a company that existed about 5 years ago. The business has a strong DA in a totally different industry. In any respect, since taking over and managing their SEO it's been close to 3 months, however search visibility continues to remain at zero. Is there anything I should be doing to get the site to be re-indexed again? Thanks

    Local Website Optimization | | RichardNM

  • alt reduntant text redundant text

    I have a problem on page speed insight
    My portal is created on wordpress cms.
    I deleted the alternative text of the image and still, if I put text instead of the image, that problem disappears. It's not something serious, but I like that everything is perfect
    "Image elements have [alt] attributes that are redundant text."

    Content Development | | Adina Laura Matei

  • wordpress technical seo meta data

    Hello! I have a problem. I'm using Rank Math for WordPress. But I can’t configure a basic thing such as <meta name="author" content="" />. I had to insert this code manually using the hook. Does anyone know a normal way to do this markup? Example page: Thank you!

    Technical SEO | | WayneM.
  • Unsolved

    sync google

    My google locations(hours, ect) are not syncing like they did with Yext. Everything is connected.

    Moz Local | | jsopko128

  • homepage homepage seo strategy homepage keyword mapping

    The USA Glitz I search the exact title & keyword but still its not showing though there is no related websites in this term. What can i do ? What kind of strategy needs to follow ? Kindly help me out . Thanks 😢

    On-Page Optimization | | henrichjrr420

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