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  • Unsolved

    internal linking domain authority

    Hey, I am very concerned about the link metrics I am seeing, really hoping someone can help. In October last year there were a total of 34.7K 'total links' attributed to my E-commerce website . This compared to 41.2k and 213k links attributed to my two main competitors. In November, my website had a forced update due to incompatibility issues my shopping cart version was having with the server on which it is hosted. (I was told by my web developers / hosting company that their server was upgraded.) This update created many problems such as checkout issues, page layout issues, sitemaps not automatically regenerating and the big one - it reverted back to http instead of https. Along with my developers, I spent 2 weeks fixing all of the issues until everything worked correctly and https was reinstated. After initial warnings from Moz, I have not received any critical crawler issues or warnings, big ranking drops etc since November. I was satisfied that all was ok. However, in November my 'total links' jumped to 81.5k and have since continued to balloon. December - 309.1k, January -335k, February - 665k, March - 716k, April - 719k, May - 742k, June - 751k. In the same period (November - June), my external links went from 5.3k - 8.7k. So it appears the huge increase in links are internal. In my latest report it states that 'internal follow links' are up by 8k and 'internal no follow links' are up by 1k. This is insane. I cannot understand why I have so many internal links and why they keep increasing. I maintain the website with updates, blog articles etc but no more than I have in the past several years. Worryingly, once this increase in links started being reported, my Domain Authority has also tanked. In October my DA was 37 (higher than my competitors) and has since dropped as low as 19. It has gone up to 21 this month (still significantly lower than my competitors). I have spent hours researching why this huge increase in internal links could be happening but have got nowhere. If anyone could advise what the issue could be and how I can fix it, I would be eternally grateful. Issues I have discovered along the way that may help with analysis:
    My site has many 404s (hundreds) - all relate to urls of old images that have been removed from the website. The 'Top Hits' on my website are from blogs (some spammy) to these deleted image urls that return a 404. I don't use any plugins. I do get 'duplicate content' notices as my blog posts archive themselves and generate new urls - as an example - 'blog post name' archived December 2023. It may be the case that the old http urls have been redirected to https but I have no warnings for 'redirect issues' in Moz. Thanks for taking the time to read this and thanks in advance for any help.

    Link Explorer | | g3mmab

  • monthlyvolume canadian

    How does Moz differentiate Canadian data vs. U.S. data? I'm particularly interested in search volume. Why is there such a big difference in volume (much less in Canada)? Is this due to population differences or are there other factors? For example, see the monthly volume for the keyword "Business resilience": U.S. = 360
    Canada = 6 This seems like a huge difference!

    Keyword Research | | BDOCanada

  • ranking ranking issue

    I am trying to work out why from March 4th Google is not seeing my posts. Our google impressions have dropped from 8,000 to 40. If you put in the full article name with speach marks it does not find it, and instead shows the home page in google. We have not had any warnings. We did have work done on our site but nothing else i could think of to cause this. Can anyone let me know what may have caused this. All articles are original

    Technical SEO | | headlinesplus

  • shopify ecommerce url

    Hi, I'm a new bee here, Just wondering if we have some good but easy strategies to get a higher rank in PA and DA?
    My Store URL is [].
    We are selling Shoes, Watches and smart gadgets.
    We do shipping worldwide but need help from the community.

    Link Building | | BeriCollection
  • Unsolved


    I want to rank as a top RE Agent for local searches. What do I do now that I'm a Moz Local subscriber? #google #bing

    Moz Local | | DonavanTysonTeam

  • old content update or delete

    Hi, my site is related to education and i published more than 6000 articles from last 10 years, i naver delete but frequently update the Good Articles but some old articles that is not giving visitors, i did not update and some of them are short articles. i started in year 2021 and many articles in year 2012 to 2023 i write. please check my site and advise can i delete old out dated articles ? and countinue writing new articles with same topics, actuly from last month of August 2023 my site visitors lost with time from more than 70 percent.
    thank so much for advise.
    can i delete out dated content?
    some of my contents are not ranking even i update before it was on top position but now even after update still other website is ranking more than me in current year.
    #old Content ?
    #update or delete?

    Content Development | | bedah
  • Unsolved

    homepage keyword ranking

    Can anyone shed some light on how a competitor can have over 500 keywords for the home page, which I can not see when I read through the page itself. I have looked at the page sauce "keywords and is lists less than 10,. So my question is how can Moz say it has over 500 when i cant see them or has the site hidden them. If they are hidden Google has not penalised them for keyword stuffing. Can anyone shed some light on this Thanks in advance

    Product Support | | rubierae1524
  • Unsolved

    oblscore blogging offpage

    I've been working on optimizing my website, and I recently noticed that my Outbound Link (OBL) score isn't as good as I'd like it to be. I understand that OBL scores can impact my site's overall SEO performance. Could anyone share tips or best practices on how to improve the OBL score of my site? What should I focus on when adding outbound links, and how many are ideal to maintain a healthy OBL score? Also, are there any tools or reports in MOZ that can help me monitor and improve my OBL score effectively? I am new to blogging. your help will be appreciated

    Moz Tools | | hasannimam47
  • Unsolved

    site crawl

    Hi, In Moz pro, when using Site crawler (or recrawl), we are seeing message site is banned. But when using on-demand crawler, it could generate report successfully. I just like to know if in both these cases, it is roberbot that is used! And kindly note, site crawler was perfectly working before. So the required setup is already in place from long time. Site crawler ban issue started appearing from nov/dec 2023. . Could you please us understand how could we possibly make site-crawler work?
    I am happy to provide more details if you need any. Thanks

    Moz Pro | | gilesd

  • seo content optimization

    I am a college student studying Information Sciences and was "hired" by my uncle over the summer to work and maintain his baseball-related website, which he started in 2016. His posts provide very in-depth information but were created without a focus on SEO. I've noticed that a competing site, which seems to have started as an e-commerce site, is ranking higher than my uncle's site for the query "how much does a baseball weigh." Interestingly, this competing site ranks for keywords like "mass of baseball," even though these exact keywords are not present in the post. Given the recent Google updates and changes in rankings, I'm trying to understand: How can an e-commerce site with seemingly less specific content outrank a detailed blog post?
    What strategies can I employ to improve the ranking of my uncle's site for this specific query?
    Are there tools or methods I can use to analyze why the competitor is ranking higher and how to address it?
    I recognize I am not well-versed in SEO, so any insights or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    Competitive Research | | sf9090

  • best practice duplicated content

    Riddle me this.. best practice to manage Programme page (i.e 'Software Engineering') Has employer audience (cta - Onboard for staff) Has candidate audience (cta - create profile) From a conversion standpoint it makes much more sense to have these TWO pages here. One for each audience, even if much of the content is different. In this scenario, what is the best practice from an SEO standpoint?

    SEO Tactics | | WSatters
  • Unsolved

    getting started

    Im new to Moz and would like to get the most out of it as quickly as possible. so like the subject say - What are the top 5 things you would recommend I should to get the most out of Moz? #getstarted

    Getting Started | | djnlowe

  • same content two domains rebrand migration

    Odd situation I'm hoping some folks may have insight on. We have a product site and an educational site (two entirely separate domains). The educational site has: Existed for longer (24 years vs 13). Currently ranks for far more keywords and drives more traffic. Is an entirely separate brand from the product. Has historically driven sales to the product site (through email and onsite ads) but that channel has diminished over time. The product site Also has educational resources Is a more recognizable brand When prioritized resources here often drive far more revenue The Challenge
    Both sites cover very similar topics, making prioritization challenging and splits our topical focus. We are considering making the educational site our sole place for resources, migrating content from the product site, and rebranding the site to line up more closely with the product. Basically retain the domain, make it our sole focus for updates and new content, but align it with the strength of our more recognizable product. The Questions Does anyone have any experience with this type of rebrand where a separate domain is retained? Are we risking the loss of branded search queries in the process or some other risk? While potentially risking ranking/traffic loss would it make more sense to migrate all valuable content to the product site instead? Sorry for the long-winded questions here and appreciate any thoughts/ideas!

    Branding | | pasware
  • Unsolved

    on-page seo optimisation help

    Hi, Im not sure of the correct route to take here... We are a training provider and I manage the website. The main course offered is the transport manager CPC. Currently, I have a "catch all" landing page which links to each different course option: Landing page > Classroom Online Self study Distance learning The main keyword revolves around "transport manager cpc" I want searchers to land on the online page is they search "online transport manager CPC" for example but I think its confusing Google. I'm wondering if I should de-index the store pages (although some perform very well) and increase the content on the main landing page to rank for every related keyword on that page. Initially, I wanted to devalue the landing page in favor of the store pages but I'm unsure if that's the right way to go. I've stripped out the bulk of the keywords and content and shifted it to each individual page. but as above, Im now unsure if that's the right route to take. Any help would be greatly appreciated 👍 Thanks

    On-Page Optimization | | dunbavand
  • Unsolved

    rogerbot moz crawler

    The bot is overloading my server. How to solve it?

    Moz Pro | | paulavervo

  • robots.txt ranking

    hi, can anyone let me know if my robot file is correct. my pages and wordpress posts are being indexed but not showing in serps and wondering if my robot file is wrong

    SEO Tactics | | blogwoman1
  • Unsolved


    Hello, I’m encountering an issue with MOZ’s keyword tracking tool. We have correctly set up our website: to track multiple keywords, but the tool only seems to track a few of them. Some important keywords we’re targeting don’t appear in the report at all. We are in the trial phase and need to ensure the tool functions correctly for our SEO strategy before subscribing to a premium plan. Can someone please help us understand why this might be happening and how to fix it? Thank you!

    Product Support | | gabo1212

  • ranking issue serps

    I was using the Yoast plugin and for more than ten years and my keywords were always in the top twenty with many in the top five. I then moved over to rank math plugin and things were fine. Then i saw all my posts and pages go our of serps with not a single page in seps. I looked at the plugin and saw that it was still working fine but my subscription ran out two months previous. none of my brand news articles appear in serps. All my posts are indexed but not one of them in serps and not one of my keywords are ranked. Can anyone please let me know what to do to solve this

    SEO Tactics | | blogwoman1
  • Unsolved

    moz keyword explorer

    moz keyword explorer not showing data for any keyword after being updated the new moz keyword explorer is not working at all it just keeps loading and show no metrics at all

    Keyword Explorer | | gxpl09
  • Unsolved

    users moz local

    I want to add multiple users to one location (more than 1 person needs access to view the account). Can this be done? If so, how do I add more emails? Thanks!

    Moz Local | | GolfCave_Clark
  • Unsolved

    local listings local google location

    Hey, if I made a change to the address would it update again to all the sites after it has already been submitted?

    Moz Local | | BrandWorksApp

  • keyword difficulty keyword explorer

    Hi there, Moz Community! I'm reaching out for some guidance on keyword research discrepancies. I'm currently targeting the keyword "sui gas bill" for my blog, sngplbill, which focuses on information related to Sui gas bills. I've used several keyword research tools, including Moz, Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, and Semrush, and each platform provides different search volume and keyword difficulty scores: Moz: No search volume data, Keyword Difficulty (KD) 24
    Google Keyword Planner: Search volume 100k-1M, Difficulty (Low)
    Semrush: Search volume 90k, KD 31
    Ahrefs: KD 1 (Very Easy)
    These varying results are causing some confusion. Ideally, I'd like to understand which platform offers the most reliable data for search volume and keyword difficulty. Here are some additional details that might be helpful: My target location: Pakistan My Questions: What factors might contribute to these discrepancies in keyword data across different tools?
    Considering my niche (Sui gas bill information in Pakistan), which platform would you recommend for the most accurate search volume and keyword difficulty estimates?
    Are there any additional factors to consider beyond search volume and keyword difficulty when selecting keywords for content strategy?
    Any insights you can provide would be greatly appreciated!
    Capture sui gas bill semrush.PNG Capture moz sui gas bill.PNG Capture gkp sui gas bill.PNG Capture ahref sui gas bill.PNG

    Keyword Research | | Faizali.786

  • seo expert

    Hey everyone, i am creating a blog post on Top SEO Experts in the World. I need your recommendation who is in the top 10 list? Your suggestions is highly appreciated for me. Thanks!

    International SEO | | gxpl09

  • international seo hreflang

    Hi I have a few questions about href lang implementation and I was hoping for some guidance / opinions. An international website is using mostly a folder structure, but for some locations it might have standalone sub-domains. Some folders are there to target locations and languages, with others just targeting languages. See the list below: [Language: Spanish - Location: Mexico] [Language: Portuguese - Location: Brazil] [Language: Japanese - Location: Japan] [Language: English - Location: Japan] [Language: French - Location: Canada] [Language: English - Location: Canada] [Language: English - Location: Ireland] [Language: Arabic] [Language: Tagalog] [Language: Italian] [Language: Turkish] [Language: Korean] [Language: French] [Language: Russian] [Language: Vietnamese] [Language: English - Location Indian] [Language: Hindi - Location Indian] My questions are: Is href lang sitemap equally as good as the href lang meta tag in terms of effectiveness. I know that the sitemap is easier to maintain and upkeep but i don't know which one is better as google recommends both. How do you mix your listings when some are targeting language and country and others are just targeting language speakers (not tied to any specific country). So take for example in the list above: there would be a general site for french speakers and then one for french speakers in Canada. Thanks for your advise in advance.

    International SEO | | MarkCanning
  • Unsolved

    ranking issue keyword rankings

    We have a keyword which is important to us and used to have rock steady rankings for over a decade. Over the past 9 months or so it has been fluctuating all over the place. Jumping up or down 20 places or so overnight. Any thoughts on this behaviour and what we should be doing to stabilise the ranking?Screenshot 2024-05-13 at 09.47.jpg

    Reporting & Analytics | | Hannahm24

  • crawl indexing

    hello everyone i've been using moz pro for a while and found a lot of backlink oppertunites as checking my competitor's backlink profile.
    i'm doing the same way as my competitors but moz does not see and index lots of them, maybe just index 10% of them. though my backlinks are commenly from sites with +80 and +90 DA like Github, Pinterest, Tripadvisor and .... and the strange point is that 10% are almost from EDU sites with high DA. i go to EDU sites and place a comment and in lots of case, MOZ index them in just 2-3 days!! with maybe just 10 links like this, my DA is incresead from 15 to 19 in less than one month! so, how does this "SEO TOOL" work?? is there anyway to force it to crawl a page?

    Link Building | | seogod123234

  • seo audit url inspection indexed urls

    The question revolves around the steps required to mitigate damage inflicted upon a website, encompassing issues such as malware insertion and content theft. It prompts a comprehensive exploration of the necessary actions to take in response to these challenges. The inquirer seeks guidance on how to effectively address the damage, indicating a desire for practical solutions and strategies to restore and safeguard their website's integrity. By posing this question, the individual demonstrates an awareness of the severity of the situation and a readiness to undertake corrective measures.

    Technical SEO | | ralphbaer

  • linkbuilding

    Ran a backlink competitor analysis and found that the competitor has their links coming from various linkedin and youtube posts but my client does the same thing and im not seeing any links coming from those sources for them?

    Link Building | | Stongex

  • indexed urls seo seo audit

    I would like to know what tools I should use and how to investigate damage to my website I hired a person to do some work to my website but they damaged it. That person was on a freelance platform and was removed because of all the complaints made about them. They also put in backdoors on websites including mine and added content. I also had a second problem where my content was being stolen. My site always did well and had lots of keywords in the top five and ten, but now they are not even in the top 200. This happened in January and feb. When I write unique articles, they are not showing in Google and need to find what the problem is and how to fix it. Can anyone please help

    Technical SEO | | blogwoman1

  • indexing technical seo ranking

    Hi, I made the mistake of hiring a freelancer to work on my website [](link url) but after having a good website things went from bad to worse. The freelancer was kicked off the platform due to lots of compliants from people and creating backdoors to websites and posting on them. It cost me money to have the back door to our site closed. I then found lots of websites were stealing my content through the rss feed. Two of those sites have now been shut down by their hosting company. With all these problems I found in Feb that the hundreds of keywords that I ranked for had vanished. And all the ones that were in the top ten for many years have also vanished. When I create an article which includes they cannot be found in Google. Normally before all these problems, my articles were found straight away. If I put in the title name Lincolnshire Premier Inn Staff Fear For Their Jobs and then add In2town in front of it, then instead of the page coming up with the article, it instead shows the home page. Can anyone please advise what tools i should be using to find out the problems and solve them, and can anyone offer advice please on what to do to solve this.

    Technical SEO | | blogwoman1

  • indexing seo

    Hello. I have a problem of page indexing without content. I have website in 3 different languages and 2 of the pages are indexing just fine, but one language page (the most important one) is indexing without content. When searching using site: page comes up, but when searching unique keywords for which I should rank 100% nothing comes up. This page was indexing just fine and the problem arose couple of days ago after google update finished. Looking further, the problem is language related and every page in the given language that is newly indexed has this problem, while pages that were last crawled around one week ago are just fine. Has anyone ran into this type of problem?

    Technical SEO | | AtuliSulava

  • traffic

    My 15 or so clients have all seen a drop in organic traffic by about 20% on GA4 for April. Rankings have not dropped or anything like that - so just wondering if anyone else has had similar?

    Reporting & Analytics | | Contentcoms
  • Unsolved

    site crawl stuck

    Site Crawler has found a range of 4xx errors on my website. But, the urls aren't ones I've created and instead have the handle of my social channels attached to the end - and I've no idea how this has happened. Any tips or insights on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated.! I've attached a screenshot below:
    Screenshot 2024-04-29 at 14.06.32.png

    Link Explorer | | Nathantimothy
  • This question is deleted!


  • international seo crawling

    Hi, I am working on the SEO of an online gaming platform - a platform that can only be accessed by people in certain countries, where the games and content are legally allowed.
    Example: The games are not allowed in the USA, but they are allowed in Canada. Present Situation:
    Presently when a user from the USA visits the site they get directed to a restricted location page with the following message: RESTRICTED LOCATION
    Due to licensing restrictions, we can't currently offer our services in your location. We're working hard to expand our reach, so stay tuned for updates! Because USA visitors are blocked Google which primarily (but not always) crawls from the USA is also blocked, so the company webpages are not being crawled and indexed. Objective / What we want to achieve: The website will have multiple region and language locations. Some of these will exist as standalone websites and others will exist as folders on the domain. Examples below: [English Canada] [french Canada] [spanish mexico] [portugese brazil] [hindi India] If a user from USA or another restricted location tries to access our site they should not have access but should get a restricted access message.
    However we still want google to be able to access, crawl and index our pages. Can i suggest how do we do this without getting done for cloaking etc? Would this approach be ok? (please see below) We continue to work as the present situation is presently doing, showing visitors from the USA a restricted message.
    However rather than redirecting these visitors to a restricted location page, we just black out the page and show them a floating message as if it were a model window.
    While Googlebot would be allowed to visit and crawl the website. I have also read that it would be good to put paywall schema on each webpage to let Google know that we are not cloaking and its a restricted paid page. All public pages are accessible but only if the visitor is from a location that is not restricted Any feedback and direction that can be given would be greatly appreciated as i am new to this angle of SEO. Sincere thanks,

    International SEO | | MarkCanning
  • This question is deleted!


  • keywords keyword density keyword stuffing

    Hello, I would like to know if the selection of individual keywords(that are not primary, secondary or tertiary) are important for SEO regardless of the relevancy to the page topic. I am wondering how much of a contribution a non-P1/P2/P3 can make in terms of SEO? For example it is a product page and I have built my content with P1,P2&P3 based only on the product and its properties itself. Do you think that a content gap for the page could be the production process of that product? So even if it is a product and its properties page, I can add 2 sentences about the production, so that I can drive more traffic by including these 2 informative sentences.? EXAMPLE:
    So lets' say my topic is "hair types" (P1) and my subtopics are "Straight," "wavy," and "curly"(P2s) which I used as subtitles. But throughout the page, I am planning to add some relevant but not-directly-relevant keywords here and there since they have high metrics and volumes. For example a potential sentence I can add: "innovative hair products these days can offer amazing results for the desired hair types". It is not specifically about "hair types" but I am using the keyword "innovative hair products" (good metrics keyword) which may help for the traffic... Another potential not-so-direct sentence can be: "For all hair types, the hair damages are common: heat damage, chemical damage and mechanical damage". Would adding this extra sentence where I am not specifically talking about "hair types" (my topic) but "hair damages" and damage examples (off-topic high metric keywords) help me to drive traffic to my website? And how much of an impact would it be?

    Keyword Research | | Siir
  • Unsolved

    seo scripts

    Does Moz offer sales scripts to sell SEO services?

    Getting Started | | SeanMontes

  • moz local moz moz community points

    Hey Moz Community, I'm seeking guidance on optimizing the rankings and increasing Moz Domain Authority (DA) and Domain Rating (DR) for my websites, and, especially in light of the recent Google March 2024 Core Update. What strategies and tactics do you recommend for navigating these changes effectively and enhancing the overall visibility and authority of these domains?

    Community | | FredericoSeo

  • moz da moz moz dr

    I'm seeking guidance on optimizing the rankings and increasing Moz Domain Authority (DA) and Domain Rating (DR) for my websites, and, especially in light of the recent Google March 2024 Core Update. What strategies and tactics do you recommend for navigating these changes effectively and enhancing the overall visibility and authority of these domains?

    SEO Tactics | | FredericoSeo

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