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Explore on-page optimization and its role in a larger SEO strategy.

  • Any google updates or, can anyone tell me what google running, web ranking down, majority keywords showing on 1st pages right now those are on 3rd page, so is there any specific reason, or any solutions plz.. this s my website can anyone help me to audit and what was the issues facing exactly..

    | harry550

  • Whats the deal with the date at the start of the meta descriptions? I have not really looked into this but I'm guessing its a blog thing? Take this search The beautifully crafted meta description is now being cut short even though its within the character limit and is now only showing 36 characters! Is there a way to remove this? Thanks in advance

    | CraigAddyman

  • onpage

    This is a question for the organic SEO experts, once you added the main keyword that you want to rank for in the homepage title, meta title plus meta description, perhaps once or twice in the text on the homepage. How often do you then write it in the content marketing, say blog posts, we want to rank higher on Google for "SEO agencies Cardiff" however if you mention this in the blog posts too much say once a week, this could lead to over optimisation issues?

    | sarahwalsh

  • Working on optimizing my e-commerce website. We have managed to obtain very good ranking on most keywords that we use directing to different products. However, there is one that ranks very low, and Moz alerts that keyword stuffing might be one of the reasons. While I have edited the content to include less of the same keyword on that particular page, the links to different products that contain the same keyword from the same page (accessories and related products) I believe are increasing my count and it seems to be working against me. \ Should I start eliminating some of these links so as to eventually obtain a better ranking? any help would be greatly appreciated.

    | NewVape

  • Even after a good year or so, my site does not rank in the top 10 ( for "Intensive Driving School Milton Keynes", and is nowhere for "Driving School Milton Keynes". Do you think the domain name is being penalised, or do you think there are other factors that contribute to the poor performance.

    | Buffalo-Mobile

  • Hello, All, In April, two months ago, we caught a hack on a client's website. It created about 40 pages in what looked to be a black hat link tactic. We removed the pages, resubmitted the sitemap.xml (it reprocessed) and ran it through screaming frog to confirm all the pages were gone, but the forty pages still show up in the search results for a site search. We have both the www. and non www. version of sites claimed and set a preference. Nothing is awry with the robots.text. We're not really sure what to do to resolve it. We asked Google to recrawl (fetch) the site. I'm not sure what's going on with it. The website's name is The site search bringing up the pages from the hack is below. Any ideas?

    | Cazarin-Interactive

  • Whats peoples opinions about putting Call To Cations CTAs in Meta Descriptions, and does this ever occur a Google penalty, as it can sometimes look a bit clickbait. For example I am looking at a site which currently has this meta description Meta Description: For more information on our sustainable, natural office furniture, click here to get in contact. Is this kind of description ranking unfriendly, Ive seen them used a lot but IM not a big fan of this myself. Any thoughts?

    | Donsimong

  • I have a huge blog which is connected to a company website. This blog is full with dead links and spam comments. Is it worth to clean up? The website itself ranks very well in search engines. I'm amazed with all de spam that it still ranks. Do you think by removing all de dead links and spam the site will improve ranking in search results?

    | bill369

  • Hi there, I'm new to Moz: great tool so far! I just tried the page optimization feature and see that (for instance for this article) page titles are often too long. Now it's tempting to just shorten the title straight away, but I have a memory of someone once telling me changing the title will change the URL. And changing the URL is something not appreciated by Google. Could someone please explain if and why this is/isn't the case? And if there are any downsides/things to consider before changing the article's title? Thank you in advance!

    | RaoulWB

  • Hi all, Does anyone know if there's anywhere where I can see what keywords are used in search engines to land on a specific page? I have access to the Google Analytics account and linked it to Moz as a campaign, but I can't find this data. I'm curious about this because a very uncommon word is used in a page title for a page I try to optimize. It's the Dutch translation of 'malicious'. And now I wonder if it's better to switch to a word that's used more often. Or if it's better to 'win the battle' on this (probably) rarely used word. I've used Google trends to see how many people use it, but it says there's not enough data to show the interest over time.

    | RaoulWB

  • homepage homepage seo strategy homepage keyword mapping

    The USA Glitz I search the exact title & keyword but still its not showing though there is no related websites in this term. What can i do ? What kind of strategy needs to follow ? Kindly help me out . Thanks 😢

    | henrichjrr420

  • Hello, I've heard that relevancy of the content between the source page and the target page of outbound links in my content matters greatly. The outbound links I provide in my content should have a high degree of relevancy to the topic I'm writing about, or they aren't really worth including. Example: Don't just link to the homepage of an organization mentioned in the article, link to a page on their site that is related to the topic you are writing about. Is this true? Would including less relevant links negatively impact SEO in any way?

    | DJBKBU

  • If I were to spin up a new site what do people recommend as the best template, services, etc. Do you have an example of the perfect structure, I want to point my team to an example page and say - This is perfect, do this but for our product (structure, content amount, etc) Thank you,

    | Jamesmcd03

  • Hi everyone, I've been working hard on my on-page SEO lately so I can gain visibility for my website. The results have been great and I am now on top of the SERP for the services I propose. I think that my content is almost fully optimize and** I've respected all the best practices (both on-page and technical SEO)**. However, there is one problem I just can't deal with for I don't have the knowledge, hence this post. I'm pretty sure that this issue is quite common for SEO experts. Here the thing: I offer dental emergency services, which is my core business. I'm ranked 4th for that request in my area, which is good, but I'd like to rank 1st as** I have a better DA and content than the 3 websites outranking me**. Also, I'm the first result for any other related services such as "dental services" or "dentist". However, when it comes to the theme "dental emergency", I'm constantly outranked by the same 3 websites. I ran an audit on their website but **my content and technical SEO is way better **than theirs. I suppose that the only reason I'm behind them is because they used "dental emergency" in their **Brand name **and, therefore, in the Home page URL. Every time someone is looking up online for "dental emergency", these websites will be on top of the SERP as I think that Google is unable to know whether the users are specifically looking for their websites (aka Brand) or for "dental emergency" services. Here is an example of a competitor: (urgence meaning emergency in French). His whole Brand name and URL have been built after the "dental emergency." service. On the contrary, **my Brand name does not mention "urgence". ** I see that as a trick that is confusing Google. The fact that my competitors named their Brand after a specific service I also offer is real pain for my SEO.  I also think it's really unfair as I've put a lot of effort in designing a nice website with great UX and content. This is the kind of practice that should be penalized in my opinion. Please, does anyone know any way to resolve this issue?

    | AlexTL

  • Hi we have a wordpress website for Office Furniture Our domain name does not have office furniture in it. So we went from having to However we now have 509 products flagged with too long urls I am wondering whether we should change back : For example Should I go back to Or am I going to confuse matters even more? I should say this only affects categories as the products themselves are /shop/product I am just concerned that changing the re-direct in place originally will just make matters worse and confuse things - would I get more value changing back? Or should I stick with it and just try to shorten urls individually by product titles etc

    | KellyDSD86

  • The old one was very keyword stuffed and repeated words.  see its now gone from search for those main keywords do you think its just playing now and it will be back ?

    | johan8

  • schema

    What Schema would a Web design/development/SEO Ageny use, and what is the link? I cannot for the life of me figure it out. ProfessionalService has been deprecated.

    | TiagoPedreira
  • Unsolved

    wordpress homepage duplicate content noindex

    Hi, I have a large WordPress blog with thousands of posts. By default, the blog homepage contains the excerpt of each posts. As there are so many posts, the homepage is paginated(Totally 1341 pages) I use siteliner to check and find a lot of duplicate contents on the blog homepage. So, what should I do with it? Should I noindex the homepage and all the paginated pages accordingly? Thank you

    | ccw

  • Hi I have a full page for office-furniture-online. With a fair bit of text on it! We use visual composer for this on wordpress - but we can't get a rank for it I wondered whether as it is our key term - whether we should focus on the home page for this - but the issue we have here it the amount of text we can add to the home page without it looking silly - could we have a slide in side tab with information on or is this frowned upon?

    | KellyDSD86

  • Hi, I created a new blog about 2 months ago and the domain authority is still at 1 but the page authority is booming like a rocket. How do I increase DA? Please visit my blog and suggest the possible ways. Regards,

    | suzy47

  • hire audit fix

    I am not sure if I am posting in the correct area here, but I am looking for someone I can hire to do an onsite audit and fix those issues. Thanks.

    | Granitebusters

  • review snippet serp

    Hi, In Moz it shows that we have a review snippet for a keyword/page, but it is not shown on google SERP. Can anyone explain why it isnt shown on Google search results, and what we should do in order to get it shown ?

    | jensatlieto

  • seo on page optimization

    i use mid-quality pic and... but my site speed is low
    any suggestion?
    my site is:

    | zlbvasgabc

  • redirect chains on page seo technical seo on page optimization technical

    Hello Everyone, I'm getting redirect chains error on the home page URL: in Wordpress. I've checked my redirection list in the plugin, and haven't found any redirections on Can anyone please help me in solving this issue? I don't know where from it's coming.

    | Nikhil_Falcon

  • slug product pages

    Hello all, I have an online store, let's say for example I sell forks of all kinds and colors. So naturally, I have 'product category' pages with titles and slugs like: Big forks
    Small forks
    Plastic forks
    Red fork
    etc.. And plenty of product pages with slugs and H1 like: Small red fork
    Large plastic fork
    18th-century fork
    etc... Some category pages are well-ranked, others are not, the same goes for product pages. The problem is that for the main keyword, 'fork' (exact query in the search console), my site is completely absent. Google should logically have referenced my homepage (which has links to all categories) for this main keyword. I have also optimized the page for it, without overdoing it. I wonder if it's not because I have a lot of pages with 'fork' in the slug, and perhaps Google thinks it's too much (even though it's logical for this word to be present in all product pages because it's an essential word to describe the product). I wonder if I should not modify half of my product pages to remove the word 'fork' from the slug...(only from the slug, without touching the H1 because removing the word 'fork' would remove its meaning). Do you have any experiences with this kind of issue? I wouldn't ask the question if my homepage was behind the competition, but it's completely absent. Thanks

    | Veptune

  • Does really a SSL certificate affect on SEO? How? Why? According to my hosting provider (, "https" improves SEO! As I know, It decreases speed. So how does it improve SEO when my speed is slower than before?

    | MirzaeeMustafa

  • 403 errors crawl error

    My wordpress website has 162 crawl 403 errors. Based on what I read it means that the server is denying crawlers to access the pages. The pages itself will load so guessing it's just an issue with crawlers only. How do I go about fixing this issue?

    | emrekeserr3
  • This question is deleted!


  • Hi I write a json+ld script for star snippet in my website but not work in my first page. you can see it in this URL when I googled my keyword "بلیط هواپیما" my competitor show with star snippet in SERP but my site doesn't show.

    | tohidpolymer

  • Happy Friday and St. Patrick's Day Eve, Moz Community! As I got on here to ask this question, I saw my previous questions and remembered how awesome this community is.  I also can't wait until Mozcon, but I digress. Anyway.  We are a travel agency.  One of my websites is to support the Destination Wedding part of our business.  Each of the weddings gets their own page where we list information about the event as well as a guest list of who all has booked to attend the wedding.  After the wedding, the page is automatically unpublished.  This leads to a TON of 404s on all of the past wedding pages.  Also, even the current pages I don't feel add a lot of SEO value to the site. So.  What is the wisdom on how I should handle these pages.  I'm assuming I should no index them?  Also, does anyone have a compelling reason I should keep the pages active for some reason?  Just move them to a different section or something? (I'm really thinking not on this...but I'm open to discussion.) Thank you times one million in advance.

    | cathibanks

  • relcanonical crawling post

    Hi there,
    I currently have a number of URLs throughout my site of the form: This sends the user through to a page showing hotels near the O2 Academy Islington. Once the page loads, my code looks at the parameters specified in the # part of the URL, and uses them to fill in a form, before submitting the form as a POST. This basically reloads the page, but checks the availability of the hotels first, and therefore returns slightly different content to the "canonical" version of this page (which simply lists the hotels before any availability checks done). Until now, I've marked the page that has had availability checks as noindex,follow. But because the form was submitted with POST parameters, the URL looks exactly like the canonical one. So the two URLs are identical, but due to POST parameters, the content is slightly different. Does that make sense? My question is, should both versions of this page be marked as index,follow? Thanks

    | mjk26

  • Hi, I am trying to track a page optimization feature for one of my project, but i keep getting this below error: "PAGE OPTIMIZATION ERROR
    There was a problem loading this page. Please make sure the page is loading properly and that our user-agent, rogerbot, is not blocked from accessing this page." I checked robots.txt file, it all looks fine. Not sure what is the problem? Is it a problem with Moz or the website?

    | shinawebnavid

  • We want to combine existing products - e.g. 'hand lotion' and 'body lotion' will become 'hand & body lotion'. As such, we'll need to combine the two product pages into one. What would be the best route to take in terms of SEO to do this? My initial reaction is to create a new product page and then 301 or 302 redirect the old products to the new product page depending on if the change is permanent or temporary. Would you agree? Or am I missing something?

    | SwankyApple
  • Unsolved

    seo audit moz crawler canonical duplicate

    Hi guys, and thanks for this excellent source of information. i have an issue with the moz system because is telling to me that i dont have canonical instructions but i have canonical instructions on all my pages, so... im confused because maybe im not understanding what the system want to show to me. if you can help me i will be very gratefull. here you can see a page that have the canonical instruction. and here you can see what is reporting to me the MOZ system. this is happening on 19 pages, and all the 19 pages have the canonical instruction.
    thanks in advance guys.

    | b-lab

  • icons alt images alt attributes

    How effective is to add alt tags to icons?

    | Asmi-Ta

  • Hello, My website is is using the href links without meta tag rel="dofollow" such as I am using . Should I put ref="dofollow" in this:  Thank you!

    | JohnHuynh

  • I am about to start my website I would like to know what OnPage ranking factors should I consider while launching or building my website. I want to rank higher on search results.

    | TheresaWoods
  • Unsolved

    duplicate content product page noindex

    Hi, I have a website containing 30 software products. Each product has an order page. The problem is that the layout and content of these 30 order pages are very similar, except for the product name, for example: Siteliner has reports these pages as duplicate contents. I am thinking of noindex these pages. However, in such a case, if a user search for "DataNumen Outlook Repair order page", then he will not be able to see the order page of our product, which drives the revenue go away. So, how to deal with such a case? Thank you.

    | ccw

  • www to non www ssl

    Hello, when I try to access my website using www i would like it to redirect to non www but instead it shows a sal error message.

    | Voopoo

  • anchor tags ecommerce product listing page

    Hi Say I am on a Product Listing page on ecommerce website and I have product tiles which contain images and name/price underneath them. Is it better to wrap the whole product tile (image and name/price) in an anchor tag (linking to their product page) or to wrap the image and the name/price underneath in anchor tags separately (linking to the product page) ? thanks

    | jtiernanibm
  • Unsolved

    geo keywords

    I'm updating my mobile home inspection page and I want to add geo keywords with my seed keyword Mobile Home Inspections. How do I add these so that the page do not look like it keyword stuffed? Is there a technique that you use for this? I was thinking something like internal links to the City pages of have but then the Anchor text landing page would be a cite page and not a mobile home inspection page.

    | Vallerinspects

  • I understand a lot of people in the SEO world think that everything should be under one site, but if a European school wants to expand its presence in the USA, the current domain authority is 30/100 for the European website. The school is thinking of opening another school in the USA, should they just create a subdomain on the same European site or have a new site for the USA because it's better for the branding?
    Any SEO experts can chime in here?

    | marketingextra

  • We have an issue with some clients on a Wordpress CMS where title tags implemented on a Yoast SEO plugin for the Homepage are not coming up as we'd implemented them. However, the source code shows we'd implemented them correctly according to what we'd wanted.**For example, this is the title tag we implemented in the CMS:Towing Services Alberta | Jack's TowingSource code shows:Towing Services Alberta | Jack's TowingHowever, SERP results shows:**Jack's Towing | Towing Services Alberta This is not an issue with the rest of the other pages and there isn't a global template for our client's sites. It's perplexing that it's only happening on the Homepage and this is across for 3 of our clients' sites.Even more perplexing, recently we've noticed that SERP is only showing the client's business name as the title tag and this is across for 2 out of the 3 clients we'd mentioned above. Nothing has changed in the back-end.Would appreciate some insight on this issue!

    | Gavo

  • Moz bar not working on our website about gym equipment names How long fix it?

    | ahislop574

  • html header h1 h2 h3

    Is it ok to have no h2 tags? There are no "keywords" relevant to the product in these example h2 tags. Also, is it ok to not have a PRODUCT DESCRIPTION header, or is it better with that header? It's for a "product page". Examples: <h1>Used Bow Front Desk With Mahogany Laminate</h1> <h2 style="display:inline;">QTY:</h2> 3 - <h2 style="display:inline;">Manufacturer:</h2> Hon <h2>Product Description:</h2> <p>This bow front desk is in excellent condition. It has a beautiful mahogany laminate.</p> OR (no h2 tags or product description header at all) <h1>Used Bow Front Desk With Mahogany Laminate</h1> <p>QTY: 3 - Manufacturer: Hon</p> <p>This bow front desk is in excellent condition. It has a beautiful mahogany laminate.</p> I prefer the last one as it's much simpler, but I'm curious if search engines would prefer the existence of h2 tags in the first version. Thanks,

    | NRSmart

  • I want to lean out my title tags and will most likely be doing an A/B test. They currently have the "Near Me" modifier in there, which I believe Google can distinguish local SEO without it. Thoughts?

    | imjonny123

  • snippet

    Hi I write a json+ld script for star snippet in my website but not work in my first page. you can see it in this URL
    when I googled my keyword my competitor show with star snippet in SERP but my site doesn't show.

    | pifpaffarm

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