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  • domain analysis

    My domain age is more than 200 days in these 200 days i got many links but my domain authority is not increasing what can be the reason of this?
    my domain

    | Malik0672

  • tf trust flow cf

    Increasing your Trust Flow What news methods to increase trust flow majestic?
    Some say that there are methods to climb trust flow majestic in 15-30 days, does anyone know the method?
    Some say that they can increase trust flow on any portal in 30 days from 0 to 20/100.
    What are the methods of such a thing?


  • reduce the spam score

    My website is it is a informational website and Moz shows a spam score of 8,may i know why my site spam score is high and how can i reduce it,after all it is a dubai store portal.

    | rameezmirza

  • seo consulting google

    This is my personal website. I wonder, will the articles written about artificial intelligence rank on Google, or will the site not rank?

    | lowzy

  • for sale

    Can someone recommend a good path to selling a website with good backlinks? possibily a broker or direct buyer?

    | s360

  • spamscore technicalsupport

    I have [Safetyglasses]( store in USA. I am doing All SEO Practices according to google guide lines but In moz my spam score is incerasing. Can someone guide me what is the algorithm of it.
    Morover My PA is increasing while DA is Remain constant.
    I am looking some technical expert who guide me?

    | Eyeweb_Eyewear

  • canonical ranking issue subdomain indexation

    Our company recently rebranded and launched a new website. The website was developed by an overseas team and they created the test site on their subdomain. The only problem is that Google crawled and indexed their site and ours. I noticed Google indexed their sub domain ahead of our domain and based on Search Console it has deemed our content as the duplicate of theirs and the Google selected theirs as the canonical.
    The website in question is
    What would be the best course of action to get our content ranked and selected instead of being marked as the duplicate?
    Not sure if I have to modify the content to make it more unique or have them submit a removal in their search console.
    Our indexed pages continue to go down due to this issue.
    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    | Spaziohouston

  • redirects urlredirect optimization site structure business

    I have a website with less than 3K visits a year. Only customers with an Account with me who have login credentials can see my product pricing and make a purchase onsite; therefore, indexing/page ranking is not a concern for me. My agency suggests that my product catalog be corrected to a parent/child relationship. Currently, each product variation has its own SKU and PDP. As a result, product findability: Site Search, Categorization, and Facets are a mess. Is there any way I can keep my current URL (branding purposes)? I thought we could delete all pages (PLPs & PDPs) and create all new and enforce 301 redirects. Thoughts?

    | SEOfreshman

  • displaying domain authority

    I wanted to bring a pressing matter to your attention regarding our website, https://usapickleballrules. We've noticed a significant problem with the way our Domain Authority (DA) is being displayed, or rather, not being displayed.

    | rameezmirza

  • keyword rankings keywords keyword explorer

    Hi, i got some keywords that already ranked in line 50 of google but Moz keyword ranking still show zero ranking keyword, it's almost a week or more. It's already showing in google ranking but how long Moz will collect the data, or is there something I miss about it please let me know, Thank you

    | ilhamyani

  • company name serps

    Hello! We have a client whose parent website is in Japan. The us site lives on a US subdomain. Google is pulling the Japanese company name into US search results. Any idea how we can fix this?

    | SimpleSearch
  • This question is deleted!


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