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  • Unsolved

    moz pro error

    i have enter my site but i got an error
    Ooops. Our crawlers are unable to access that URL - please check to make sure it is correct
    what is problem ?

    Moz Pro | | ssblawton2533
  • Unsolved

    error access denied help

    Hi all,
    I am a bit at my wits end trying to get some acknowledgement from MOZ. Have had no replies, no ticket auto-replies, no updates on any of the messages I have sent via the Moz Help Form on the website. Literally nothing. I wanted to avoid having to post publicly, but does anyone know how to raise a "technical problem" ticket with MOZ? never replies and the Help Form doesn't generate any kind of ticket. From our main office we get an "Access denied" Error (via Cloudflare) specifically for the Moz Community area. This happened to us in February of this year and has been happening again all through May. After testing ourselves with our IT, we determine that MOZ's Cloudflare account has incorrectly blocked the dedicated IP address specific to the internet connection at our head office. This means that none of our Moz User accounts can access anything related to the Community area in our account when working at the studio. We can only do so when working remotely (ie. some other IP address). This is incredibly frustrating, particularly as we've been on a proper paid MOZ account for many years. And I have sent numerous email requests, messages via the Form, etc., and have never heard back from anyone at all. The problem has been on-going for some time and I guess it is my fault because I tried to politely wait a fair amount of time between each follow-up. Only to realize that, actually, I don't think anyone is monitoring or even the Form submissions, or are even looking into the issue for me. Am hoping this message is seen by someone at Moz so they can let me know what is going on please? Guys..... c'mon.....

    Product Support | | DanielDL
  • Unsolved

    google analytics moz pro error

    Hi, I followed all steps on below Solve a Lost GA Connection multiple times but I keep getting the message "Our connection to your Google Analytics account was lost. Don't worry, you won't lose any data. Please follow the steps in our guide to reconnect.
    " I am on the free trial and would obviously like to connect to GA to see how everything is working. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    Moz Pro | | silvansoeters

  • 404 error

    Hello everyone! I have always known enough about Google Analytics and SEO to be dangerous, but was not a focus for me. I am working on a project were I am looking at stuff where my knowledge is limited. The scenario is that the domain I am looking at will serve a 404 error, but keeps the url, I guess for tracking purposes. At the same time, there is a page "Page_Not_Found" that has elevated visits. I am not sure how to tell where the visits are coming from to the PNF since the Previous Page is mostly identified as "(entrance)" Is the PNF correlated to the process of serving an error page but not changing the URL? Ideally, I am looking to identify and improve the 404 visits. I hope that I provided clear enough information. Happy to provide more as needed.

    Intermediate & Advanced SEO | | HankHoffmeier

  • seo 4xx error 4xx error error fix error

    Hello! I have a new blog that is only 1 month old and I already have over 3000 4xx errors which I've never had on my previous blogs. I ran a crawl on my site and it's showing as my social media links as being indexed as pages. For example, my blog post link is:
    My site is then creating a link like the below:
    But these are not real pages and I have no idea how they got created. I then paid someone to index the links because I was advised by Moz, but it's still not working. All the errors are the same, it's indexing my Twitter account and my Pinterest. Can someone please help, I'm really at a loss with it.

    Technical SEO | | thebloggersi

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