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    on-page seo optimisation help

    Hi, Im not sure of the correct route to take here... We are a training provider and I manage the website. The main course offered is the transport manager CPC. Currently, I have a "catch all" landing page which links to each different course option: Landing page > Classroom Online Self study Distance learning The main keyword revolves around "transport manager cpc" I want searchers to land on the online page is they search "online transport manager CPC" for example but I think its confusing Google. I'm wondering if I should de-index the store pages (although some perform very well) and increase the content on the main landing page to rank for every related keyword on that page. Initially, I wanted to devalue the landing page in favor of the store pages but I'm unsure if that's the right way to go. I've stripped out the bulk of the keywords and content and shifted it to each individual page. but as above, Im now unsure if that's the right route to take. Any help would be greatly appreciated 👍 Thanks

    On-Page Optimization | | dunbavand
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    help with title pages help

    Hello, I am using a plugin named translatepress, however whenever I activate it the moz crawl gives my site as having duplicate content on it. How do I avoid this? I would like to have a website version in English and Portuguese? Thanks

    Getting Started | | SilvinoFernandes
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    error access denied help

    Hi all,
    I am a bit at my wits end trying to get some acknowledgement from MOZ. Have had no replies, no ticket auto-replies, no updates on any of the messages I have sent via the Moz Help Form on the website. Literally nothing. I wanted to avoid having to post publicly, but does anyone know how to raise a "technical problem" ticket with MOZ? never replies and the Help Form doesn't generate any kind of ticket. From our main office we get an "Access denied" Error (via Cloudflare) specifically for the Moz Community area. This happened to us in February of this year and has been happening again all through May. After testing ourselves with our IT, we determine that MOZ's Cloudflare account has incorrectly blocked the dedicated IP address specific to the internet connection at our head office. This means that none of our Moz User accounts can access anything related to the Community area in our account when working at the studio. We can only do so when working remotely (ie. some other IP address). This is incredibly frustrating, particularly as we've been on a proper paid MOZ account for many years. And I have sent numerous email requests, messages via the Form, etc., and have never heard back from anyone at all. The problem has been on-going for some time and I guess it is my fault because I tried to politely wait a fair amount of time between each follow-up. Only to realize that, actually, I don't think anyone is monitoring or even the Form submissions, or are even looking into the issue for me. Am hoping this message is seen by someone at Moz so they can let me know what is going on please? Guys..... c'mon.....

    Product Support | | DanielDL

  • multiplelocationsgbp gbp help

    Hi, I'm having trouble finding the option to add multiple locations to an existing GBP account. Can somebody help me?
    I believe it can be done throught Google &/or MOZ.
    Thank you,

    Local Listings | | Trendi
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    crawl errors 403 errors url issue fix error help

    A bit at a loss here. I ran a URL crawl report at the end of January on a website( ). There were no major critical issues at the time. No updates were made on the website (that I'm aware of), but after running another crawl on March 14, the report was short about 90 pages on the site and suddenly had a ton of 403 errors. I ran a crawl again on March 15 to check if there was perhaps a discrepancy, and the report crawled even fewer pages and had completely different results again. Is there a reason the results are differing from report to report? Is there something about the reports that I'm not understanding or is there a serious issue within the website that needs to be addressed? Jan. 28 results:
    Screen Shot 2022-03-16 at 3.00.52 PM.png March 14 results:
    Screen Shot 2022-03-15 at 10.31.22 AM.png March 15 results:
    Screen Shot 2022-03-15 at 4.06.42 PM.png

    Reporting & Analytics | | OliviaKantyka
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    charged help

    I forgot to cancel the trial period on time and my card is charged.
    I sent 2 emails to with my account credentials. But I didn't get any reply yet. How can I get my money back?

    Product Support | | Pasindukw

  • redirect help http

    I've gotten a few Redirect Issues that involve Redirect Chains, with the https:// version redirecting to the www. version and then redirecting to the right URL. Here is an example:
    Schermafbeelding 2021-12-07 om 11.04.32.png I've tried setting a direct redirect between the first and the last URL, but WordPress doesn't seem to allow that (it's overwritten). I've also tried checking the internal links to make sure that none of the links are the first one. They don't seem to be there. Does anyone have any tips on solving these Redirect Chains?

    On-Page Optimization | | Billywig

  • help canonical

    We are hosted by visual soft and it is a proprietory platform so we dont have full control of our site.
    in comparison, 3 of our main competitors, two of which are way way bigger than us have 1.4m & 4.7m - another one still probably double or perhaps triple our size is @ 2.5m Should i worry?
    Should i post my website url on here?
    I would like to start working on canonical links on my site but not sure where to start, does moz pro have some sort of check or rating, i have no idea if even the basics mentioned in the tutorials have been done....

    On-Page Optimization | | Russell-Gorilla

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