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  • Unsolved

    spam score

    hello, everybody, my site 961 has a high spam score and it's not updating even though after disavowing links

    Link Explorer | | s3leb

  • seo rankings spam plagiarism duplicate content

    Can someone provides insights on a de-indexing example? I have gone through the depths of Google lack of support and requesting duplicate content flags, so no avail. Here's the scenario: Client had a competing SEO provider try to earn his business. In doing so, he copied word for word our blog that we have been producing content on over the last 5 years. He also integrated Google reviews in the structured data on this new URL. Well, fast forward 1-2 months later, our rankings started to drop. We found this 100% plagiarized site is taking away from our keyword rankings on GMB, and is no and Google search, and our site GMB is now only displaying on a branded name search as well as our search traffic has dropped. I have identified the plagiarized, duplicated content, being tied to our GMB as well, as the source of the problem. Well, I finally obtain ed control of the plagarized domain and shut down the hosted, and forwarded the URL to our URL. Well, Google still has the HTTS version of the site indexed. And it is in my professional opinion, that since the site is still indexed and is associated with the physician GMB that was ranking for our target keyword and no longer does, that this is the barrier to ranking again. Since its the HTTPS version, it is not forwarded to our domain. Its a 504 error but is still ranking in the google index. The hosting and SSL was canceled circa December 10th. I have been waiting for Google to de-index this site, therefore allowing our primary site to climb the rankings and GMB rankings once again. But it has been 6 weeks and Google is still indexing this spam site. I am incredibly frustrated with google support (as a google partner) and disappointed that this spam site is still indexed. Again, my conclusion that when this SPAM site is de-indexed, we will return back to #1. But when? and at this point, ever? Highlighted below is the spam site. Any suggestions? Capture.PNG

    SEO Tactics | | WebMarkets

  • seo spam

    Do you know any good tips to reduce spam and if spams have an on google ranking?

    SEO Tactics | | easyjobber
  • Solved

    spam spam score

    I'm seeing a lot of low-quality links pointing to my website making my spam score high that I didn't even create. I've done the disavow but what else can I do to avoid it altogether?

    Link Building | | Mariyamrocks

  • disavow spam

    I recieved a huge amount of spamy link (most of them has spam score 100) Currently my disavow link is arround 85.000 lines but at least i have 100.000 more domain which i should add them. All of them are domains and i don't have any backlink in my file. My Problem is that google dosen't accept disavow link which are more than 2MB and showes this message : File too big: Maximum file size is 100,000 lines and 2MB What should i do now?

    Technical SEO | | sforoughi

  • spam

    I start blogging a few months ago and start SEO by watching some tutorials and start making backlinks now I realize that I made backlinks on some spammy site which increase my spam score from 1 to 7 now I remove my links from that spammy site but my spam score is still 7.
    can someone assist me to decrease my spam score site URL

    White Hat / Black Hat SEO | | lorosing

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