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  • Morning Everyone, I just had this thought and wondered what everyone's opinions were in terms of link value in monetary terms. We'll assume for the purposes of this that the links come from contextually relevant sites and that the sites in question have got the Moz DA from being high quality and have a good quality incoming link profile. Its a bit of a theoretical question, but i guess imagine if the only way you could get links was to pay for them, what would they be worth to you. This is link value for SEO purposes, they will have in addition value from traffic from good sites, that no doubt varies wildly depending on topic. I assume everyone also agrees on: The first link from a domain is the most valuable High DA sites are worth  more than low ones. So could anyone who has an opinion on the link value suggest a monetary value for links. Its really just using a monetary amount to see how best to target my time.  Here is my example of what might be expected, but I am hoping people with more knowledge will perhaps correct it. DA Rating    First Link  2nd-5th Link  5th-10th Link 10Plus Links 5               $5         $2            $1              $0 15               $7         $3            $2              $1 25              $25         $10            $5              $2 35               $45         $20            $7              $3 45               $65         $30            $11            $4 55               $95        $45            $19             $5 65               $200        $100            $45              $6 75               $350         $120            $65              $9 85               $700         $240            $95              $15 95               $1100         $450            $200              $30

    | wellandpower

  • I have seen redirect links from google but not sure how to create one. Please guide if anyone knows the answer. Example:

    | Melissacarter

  • shopify ecommerce url

    Hi, I'm a new bee here, Just wondering if we have some good but easy strategies to get a higher rank in PA and DA?
    My Store URL is [].
    We are selling Shoes, Watches and smart gadgets.
    We do shipping worldwide but need help from the community.

    | BeriCollection

  • My website DA is gradually decreasing while I am updating my website regularly. Please suggest me good method to increase it. Site is Thanks

    | james11223

  • Hello sir i noticed that my DA is Dropped From 27 to 26 Of this website What is the reason I don't i try a lot to find a solution but not get . But I notice that in google webmaster tool the domain linking increased every time but on the, not domain added even my DA Dropped. Even When i checked my site on   he shows approx 350 domain with high da and pa. help me i am getting frustrated. Is that Moz is crawling All domain Fairly or not ??

    | rishu578

  • I'm trying to make an SEO backlinks and anchors report on my website When using the Link Explorer, I see no backlinks to  show while I have create much more backlinks on this website. How to fix the issue? How can I check and correct report of my backlinks? Website is  I also need some how to track a keywords?

    | fassi34562

  • I can understand my website age is a big issue but now I want you to help me. I have been doing guest posts for increasing the domain authority but no good result. I just want you to let me what should I do next? AmazeInvent

    | alexmurphy1122

  • My website is,it is a E-commerce Portal and Moz shows a spam score of 8,may i know why my site spam score is high and how can i reduce it,after all it is a dubai store portal.

    | offilery

  • azeem safi azeemsafi who is azeem safi tech

    I am Working on Tech Niche Website My Website Title is Azeem Safi: Technology News, Gadgets, Howto, Reviews & More and I want to Rank on Google and Drive more traffic on Google. Please Guide me

    | ciwili3115

  • Hi All I am running a website, I have been using Moz since Feb 2021. Kindly go through these pics My question is why Moz is showing 2K plus backlinks while Google search console is showing just 1253 backlinks. Why fewer links in the google search console is less? How can I increase Google search console backlinks? Also, Moz is showing 90+ DA backlinks but those websites are not showing by the Google search console. What should I do to let google consider them? m0JGjBQ.jpg Cmp8ei3.png

    | ssubodhsingh

  • If our website is I am wanting to create a subdomain or subdirectory for each major city for SEO targeting purposes. But I want each domain to go to our see the same content from the main website What's the best way to accomplish this? Duplicating our main page over and over sounds terrible , especially when trying to make changes down the road. Should we create an alias for each location? example..,, etc...? If we go that route how does google acknowledge that? Would that mess up our SEO or help? Thanks!

    | michaelfisk

  • page authority domain authority internal linking homepage

    I've been looking at the PA and DA scores for the homepage of websites we have built and have been comparing this to competitors. What I'm finding is that the PA score is always higher than the DA, however on competitors sites the PA is much higher in relation to the DA. What could be the reason for this? For example, some of our website homepages may have PA / DA scores such as the following: Website #1: PA37 DA25 (PA:DA = 1.48)
    Website #2: PA31 DA21 (PA:DA = 1.47) However competitors often have figures like this: Website #3: PA40 DA21 (PA:DA 1.9)
    Website #4: PA 25 DA 11 (PA:DA 2.27) I even saw one website with the following scores: Website #5: PA36 DA5 (PA:DA 7.2) How do you explain such a high Page Authority in relation to the domain authority for that site? When I look at the scores for our websites I often feel that the DA is at a good level, but the PA for the homepage doesn't seem as high as it could be compared to competitors. My initial thought was that maybe we had a lot of backlinks to other pages on the website (not the homepage) but this is not the case at all - pretty much all our backlinks are to the homepage. Could it be to do with internal linking structure? Any other ideas? Many thanks in advance for any help with this.

    | getnoticedlocally

  • Do you disavow all the links on the WhatsApp Gold site?

    | JackBarrie

  • I understand that ads don't count. What other ways are there?

    | dianeb152

  • Is guest posting a powerful methods when it comes to building backlinks? There are many relevant websites that have been set up to accept guest posts, still with good DA and PA and traffic Many relevant websites where it's easy to get a guest post on with good DA, PA and traffic What are the metrics  to approach websites for guest posting?

    | elenamendez

  • crawl indexing

    hello everyone i've been using moz pro for a while and found a lot of backlink oppertunites as checking my competitor's backlink profile.
    i'm doing the same way as my competitors but moz does not see and index lots of them, maybe just index 10% of them. though my backlinks are commenly from sites with +80 and +90 DA like Github, Pinterest, Tripadvisor and .... and the strange point is that 10% are almost from EDU sites with high DA. i go to EDU sites and place a comment and in lots of case, MOZ index them in just 2-3 days!! with maybe just 10 links like this, my DA is incresead from 15 to 19 in less than one month! so, how does this "SEO TOOL" work?? is there anyway to force it to crawl a page?

    | seogod123234

  • Hi! I have seen that many website not have good quality backlinks but still get high Domain authority and page authority score from but i my website is quit old and have high quality backlinks also. But still i did not get my expected score from moz. Kindly Moz Team help me and tell me that how can i make my website score more than 20 plus da and pa? Here is my website Link

    | mianazeem418

  • linkbuilding

    Ran a backlink competitor analysis and found that the competitor has their links coming from various linkedin and youtube posts but my client does the same thing and im not seeing any links coming from those sources for them?

    | Stongex

  • My business is located at, and I am wanting several sites to link to it.
    I am only interested in home page at this point, and we are using HTTPS for our site. Which one of these should I have other sites link to (Please provide complete justification): (my root domain) I really appreciate your help!

    | udaipabla

  • da da history

    Hi, I just got up today to see that my 2 sites - Site1 and Site2 got dropped from 25 to 23 and from 22 to 16. I am so confused why did this happen, I could not see any spam links and so. Is there any fault that has been detected.

    | VS-Gary

  • I am making quality links on my website robomodo  but still not index by moz and have not impact on da of my website.

    | jenniferwilliamss

  • Hi there, I'm looking for a tool/ service whereby I can track backlinks & be alerted when:
    a) They've moved
    b) They've been removed & 404 is generated Is anyone aware of any such service?

    | jasongmcmahon

  • Following on from a previous problem of this sweetandsavorymeals completely dropping from index, we have discovered that 150+ spam, porn domains have been directed at our pages (sometime in the last 3-4 months, don't have an exact date). Does anyone have exerpeince on how long it may take Google to take noticed of a new disavow list? Any estimates would be very helpful in determining our next course of action.

    | sathoiue8

  • seo

    Hello, we have been link-building to the home page for some time now. We believe that we have better on-page SEO than some of our direct competitors. We want to rank for “SEO Agency Cardiff,” but despite building backlinks, building Nap, and writing content marketing, it will not get onto the first page of Google. Despite hundreds of hours spent on it, and all SEO reports saying we are better than some of the companies on there, are there suggestions as to what our agency could be missing? We would be grateful for any SEO advice, as we cant get it onto the first page of Google, despite hundreds of hours, trying get on Google for this keyword "SEO agency Cardiff".

    | sarahwalsh

  • Hi, I am Kyle. I have a affiliate related website where I update articles that is related to Dental Tools. I want to improve my Website . Any one can guide me that how can I increase it.

    | rankvizguru

  • HI Team and members We have website related to jobs in Pakistan and we purchased 5 niche edits backlinks to a specific page " MES Jobs 2021" In ahrefs it show only 2 backlinks to that page but in moz 0 backlinks but in actually there are 5 links. Why this happen in moz? We actually love this tool used for Keywords research for jobs in Pakistan find some cool keywords using moz but we facing backlinks issues in it.

    | AliHassanbinali

  • how can improve Da of my site Renovlies behang ant theme depend on to increase da

    | Ewerurt

  • How long does it take my links to  get indexed by Google? Also Is it possible to get my links indexed faster?

    | EugeneMot

  • Hi there, I recently realised that the citations and directories i was building used the same content than the one on my website. I know this is not best practice. I will for sure make sure it doesn't happen in the future, but I am affraid of the ones i built in the past. How much do you think this would affect my rankings, and do you think this is a priority to go through my citations and directories to modify it?

    | H.M.N.

  • Does owning / buying an exact domain match help or not necessary? For example our main website ranks for nearly 14,800 Keywords but one KW we are trying to get in the top spot for we are currently at the bottom of page #1. We do see an exact domain match available so we purchased it but i don't know if it would actually help us or distract us. I was thinking we could create an article about the keyword on that exact domain then do some on page seo and back linking. But would that be more of a distraction VS. just focusing on getting more high quality back links to the main website we have ranked on Page 1 at the bottom? Any ideas or benefits to use an exact domain match to help boost also?

    | Cfarcher

  • I have a ton of old backlinks for products that I no longer carry but I have redirected them to other pages within the site. I was told by an SEO expert that these links are hurting me rather than helping because people click on the links and then leave. These backlinks are from reputable blogs, news sources etc and my spam score is only 1%. Are these links really hurting me?

    | CatBoxer

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