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  • domain seo redirecting domain

    Hi guys, An email software vendor managed by a different area of my company redirected 100 domains used for unsolicited email campaigns to my main domain. These domains are very likely to get blacklisted at some point. My SEO tool now is showing me all those domains as "linking" to my main site as do-follow links. The vendor states that this will not affect my main domain/website in any way. I'm highly concerned. I would appreciate your professional opinion about this. Thanks!!

    Intermediate & Advanced SEO | | anagentile
  • Unsolved

    brand authority domain

    If your brand name (e.g., "Example Brand Name") is different from your brand's domain (e.g. ""), does the Brand Authority tool measure authority for "Example Brand Name" or "EBN"? Thanks!

    Product Support | | PRAComms

  • domain analysis domain authority domain migration domain

    I'm looking for some advice on switching domains for my survey/giveaway website.
    I purchased a website that gets around 1,500 in traffic and makes a few hundred in Adsense. The previous owner had rebranded the site and changed the domain which ended up hurting his SEO and traffic. Before that it was getting 10,000 in traffic on the old domain.
    It's been a few years since the rebrand but the original domain still holds a lot of authority and got way more traffic. Should I consider switching the website back to the original domain to try to improve rankings again or should I just focus on the new domain?
    The website now is and the previous domain name was
    I'm wondering if switching back to the original domain will still be beneficial or if it will just mess up what's happening now on the rebranded site.

    SEO Tactics | | courtney.lou
  • Unsolved

    domain domain analysis domain authority domain author

    It's been 2 years and my Domain authority is not changing. I have been making so many quality links but domain authority does not increase or decrease for my website Tricky enough.
    Can anyone help with what is the problem with my website?

    Link Explorer | | iamshrawan

  • domain 301 redirect 302

    I have two domains and one of them is being phased out. Currently, there are some 301 redirects in place for the main pages but I was wondering if it would be better / easier to just set up domain forwarding? I can't seem to find anywhere that tells you the "type" domain forwarding, is it 301? 302? etc. Thanks,

    SEO Tactics | | BrandonDebison

  • domain 301 redirect

    Hi, I have an older domain with some SEO auth for varying pages and a newer domain that is for the brand. Right now there are some 301s for about 13 pages and we are currently moving servers. I was wondering if domain forwarding is the same as writing 301 redirects for each page or is it something different (302)?

    SEO Tactics | | BrandonDebison
  • Unsolved

    domain authority

    I've been performing keyword research and have discovered a few beauties. My site now has a domain authority of 18, up from 12, which is fantastic to see. However, I was wondering if, with a domain authority of 18, I could compete with keywords with a difficulty of 50-60?

    Keyword Explorer | | Jsuaii234

  • seo domain authority domain

    I am working on a new content website. Before I decide of the name and buy the domain name, I wonder if it's still worth buying an expired domain name with high(ish) DA instead of starting from scratch.
    Any opinion?

    White Hat / Black Hat SEO | | SolenneGINX

  • domain google

    Hi, Moz community, I hope you are staying safe, I have been trying to search our website in Google by using the whole domain name, but it's not showing up. For example:
    Or if search brand name: Example, doesn't come up But when I try, it comes up along with other pages. Neither the inner pages are being come up in the search nor the home page with I have checked with, it is showing all the pages, but it is weird on the other hand that it is not visible in the search, what could be the reason? Any tool to check it? I thought it was because of the latest core update from Google. But, there are many keywords in the rankings, so I am sure the website hasn't been impacted. I checked penalties or issues through many tools and even in the search console, everything is fine. Any help would be appreciated.

    Competitive Research | | ksmith88

  • seo audit domain rankings

    I have a domain for my UAE based project called and however, one of my colleagues suggested going with .ae option.
    Whether if we change the domain like as suggested get earlier results than .com domain or what?\Which domain .com or .ae ranks faster in UAE location if the SEO strategies followed in the same way?

    Technical SEO | | 0eup.ombitao

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