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  • We're looking for a way to automate content tagging on our site with a pre-existing solution/software/tool. This is mainly for content organization and to better establish internal linking connections for a large site. We work with Adobe Creative Suite.

    | ari_seo

  • Hi Mozers. I blog about our son with Down syndrome ( and you may remember me from this case study here on Moz. I was getting close to 100,000k a month in organic traffic to our blog, then it slowly started to decline to the point where I am not only getting 3k in organic traffic a month. So basically I lost all of my traffic. I honestly have no idea what is going on or why this happened. I know everyone is busy but would anyone be up for taking a peak into my GA and search console and seeing if you can figure out what may have changed and why my traffic dropped off so much. Our website helps a lot of people so you'd be doing some good and it may even be a good case study post! Thanks so much!

    | NoahsDad

  • old content update or delete

    Hi, my site is related to education and i published more than 6000 articles from last 10 years, i naver delete but frequently update the Good Articles but some old articles that is not giving visitors, i did not update and some of them are short articles. i started in year 2021 and many articles in year 2012 to 2023 i write. please check my site and advise can i delete old out dated articles ? and countinue writing new articles with same topics, actuly from last month of August 2023 my site visitors lost with time from more than 70 percent.
    thank so much for advise.
    can i delete out dated content?
    some of my contents are not ranking even i update before it was on top position but now even after update still other website is ranking more than me in current year.
    #old Content ?
    #update or delete?

    | bedah

  • Hello everybody. I marked all of my tags in a WordPress site as "noindex,follow". Because my tags were made a lot of low-quality pages. Am I did it right? my website is:

    | dannybaldwin

  • content development content optimization

    we run a tourism information website about a region in italy, and each year, during special occasions such as christmas, easter and so on we publish an article with a "what to do on Christmas / Easter / .... in the Langhe" (collecting events, activities, etc.). Is it better to "reuse" the old articles and change only the year in the title and of course the content (providing that we are gonna keep the URL without year), or to publish a new one? thanks!

    | Enrico_Cassinelli

  • Hi everyone! Over the last year and a half, we've ramped up our content generation and have now hit our stride with a steady stream of blogs and videos. Both qualitatively and quantitatively, we are seeing great results. The problem is that the qualitative feedback is always passive. When we see clients, partners, etc. in person, they tell us that they love the content, but no one ever leaves comments or uses the call to actions to submit their info. There are some social shares, but now that LinkedIn no longer has a counter, it's hard to tell how much. I'm looking for advice on strategies to get more active engagement with our content. The ideal outcome would be active conversations and lead generation. Thanks everyone!

    | Enertiv

  • For context my website is a content resource portal. In SEO training I have been told that it is a good SEO move to have as many content contributors as possible. As a result we are pushing to recruit new content contributors so they can be listed as new contributors/authors on our site alongside their valuable content. Would this move be good for our SEO rankings and is there anything in particular to consider with this?

    | Chanice

  • Quick question. In regards to linking to products from your blog. I've read recently that linking excessively between your site can be a bad SEO habit. So, I was curious if anyone else has heard of this. Plus, if you have a blog, how many internal links should you have going to you pages on your site - other blogs, products etc? Thanks.

    | Kdruckenbrod

  • content development content optimization

    Greetings to all Moz Fellows! Our organization specializes in digital dentistry, and we aim to establish a thriving blog focused on this subject to attract a wide range of clients from all across the United States. We would greatly appreciate any advice on the most effective strategies for achieving this goal.

    | SEOBrandBoca

  • duplicate content

    Dear community, We have 15 product specific landing pages. They all share a block called "Why invest in VanEck ETFs?", see e.g.,
    Can this lead to SEO penalization because of duplicate content?

    | marketing-europe

  • indexing crawling

    Hope you all are doing great!
    I have created a dog blog a few weeks back which talks about all things about dogs ( I am publishing couple of articles everyday which are more than 5k words long with proper keyword research but still Google is not indexing my content. My content is systematically categorized in proper categories related to dog guides, nutrition, accessories, dog breeds etc.
    Can anyone help me how to get the website index faster fully. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks

    | Aman0022

  • content marketing page authority

    I feel like I'm wasting time by going out and creating backlinks for a new page to increase page authority, especially when I've already got the domain link for domain authority. In your opinion, how important is it to go out and create back links for a page? - am I wasting time I could be using towards creating more great content? Shannon Peel
    Telling Stories about Women

    | MarketAPeel

  • alt reduntant text redundant text

    I have a problem on page speed insight
    My portal is created on wordpress cms.
    I deleted the alternative text of the image and still, if I put text instead of the image, that problem disappears. It's not something serious, but I like that everything is perfect
    "Image elements have [alt] attributes that are redundant text."

    | Adina Laura Matei

  • writers content medical

    I have a substantial writing project. One long piece (giveaway PDF), 20 or so follow-up pieces. About a specific medical condition. Where do I find a writer to work with?

    | Byron_W

  • Hi I write a json+ld script for star snippet in my website but not work in my first page. you can see it in this URL when I googled my keyword "ثبت شرکت" or "ثبت برند" my competitor show with star snippet in SERP but my site doesn't show.

    | wlvafk

  • content optimization indexation

    2 months ago, I registered a domain named I had a plan to learn SEO and create a affiliate blog site. In my website I had 3 types of content. Informative Articles Headphone Review articles Product Comparision Review articles Problem is, Google does not index my informative articles. I dont know the reasons. Is there anyone who can take a look and find the issues why google is not indexing my articles? I will be waiting for your reply

    | NextHeadphone

  • content marketing lead form wordpress

    Hello Moz Community, I've been running a blog ( www[dot]arrify[dot]com ) for a while, focused on Salesforce. I'm looking to enhance my lead-generation efforts through my blog content. I would appreciate insights and strategies on the following: SEO Best Practices: How can I optimize my blog posts for better search engine visibility to attract more potential leads? Content Engagement: What types of content (e.g., infographics, videos, in-depth guides) have been most effective for engaging readers and encouraging them to provide their contact information? CTA Placement: Where is the most effective placement for calls-to-action within a blog post to maximize lead capture without detracting from user experience? Lead Capture Forms: Are there any recommended practices for designing lead capture forms that encourage sign-ups? Any specific examples or case studies would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help!

    | Kritikgarg

  • Good day. I am writing articles for submission, I would just like some help with the page structure. Do I only include the link for the page that I would like to promote or is it advisable to include other page links, such as home page or the parent category too? Any help would be appreciated

    | thebedguy

  • magento keyword density ecommerce

    We are working on a clients Magento site and we've added new copy which has a decent keyword density which is in line with best practice. When we run it through Moz we are getting a Key Word Stuffing alert saying the page has 27 keywords, where we can only see about 11. This is the page The client is pushing back saying the page must have already been optimised before as our new copy has triggered the stuffing alert. But my guess is the page was already stuffed but buy some Magento code we can't see. Any ideas? #magento #Keyworddensity

    | Marketing_Optimist

  • reviews seo comparison marketing advice

    Hello Moz community. I’m looking for feedback on how
    to improve this national company review/comparison website. We bring in experts in the industries we are writing reviews on. Well then conduct extensive keyword research and provide an SEO optimized recommendation content briefing to the writer. The writer creates the content including the high search volume and most relevant keyword phrases that people are searching for. We also make sure to match the intent of the keywords to Commercial intent for the content to ensure it matches our audience. For example, we brought in a leading audiologist and created the top Hearing aids for tinnitus.. How can we improve the process and site, any recommendations?

    | Paul-Paquin-Golden-Financial

  • urlredirect optimization content marketing seo tactics content development redirect

    What are best practices for rewriting (and then redirecting) blog URLs? I refresh old blog posts on our blog every month and many of them have URLs that are too long or could be improved. However, many of them also already get decent organic traffic and I don't want to lose traffic due to a URL redirect. Are there any best practices or "rules" I can follow when deciding whether to re-write and redirect blog URLs?

    | Emily.R.Monrovia

  • duplicate titles multiple titles breadcrumbs google moz

    Moz has been flagging a lot of our articles for duplicate titles. I noticed that the website was automatically generating the same words that were used for the titles above the articles and main images. But those are bread crumbs. Does anyone know if Google also considers those duplicate titles? I'm not sure if the screenshot I'm uploading will appear, but this is one of the blog posts the extra wording was showing up on:

    | ifixcars

  • I have a woo commerce shop in the firearms industry which makes advertising even more difficult because no FB, IG, or Google campaigns. I do have other sources of advertising but I'm a complete noob when it comes to SEO and the like. I know it exists and its important and that's the extent of it. I was thinking of hiring someone on Upwork to take care of this on my website but what kinds of questions/things I should look out for to keep from getting scammed? Any tips would be appreciated

    | chrisjordan0i1

  • topic clusters topic authority

    I'm learning about topic clusters, and not sure if it's a good use of time/energy, but first want to make sure I understand the concept. Topic Clusters You have a main blog, or marketing web page, such as "The holistic solution for a healthy cat" where you actually sell a thing, let's say an imagine "Monthly Cat Health Everything Box" subscription. Now that page is ranking poorly and already optimized for SEO on "healthy cat" type words. So, you then go in and create a bunch of sub-pages or blogs on dome same website/domain for like Best Cat food for Main Coons, How to get lazy cats to exercise, etc. Each one will a single link up to the main blog or page. Now you're getting Google authority "weight" on "healthy cat" in a bunch of other blogs that all link to the main blog/page. This will increase your topic authority on "healthy cat" and you'll get more organic visits on the main "The holistic solution for a healthy cat" page/blog. Is the above accurate? Or am I failing to understand the concepts of topic authority and topic clusters correctly? Does this work well? Is it a good use of time/energy? Thanks!

    | bill-something

  • site structure seo

    Hi all, I am in the process of re-structuring my e-commerce website for better SEO and user experience. I have done some keyword research and would like some advice on how best to structure my site around those keywords. For example, my site (All Things Nature) sells a brand of wooden sculptures (Woodsculp) and I would like to rank for keywords related to that brand, the brand by animal, the brand by collection and the brand by release date.
    Examples of keywords could be: Brand by Animal: Woodsculp Dogs, Woodsculp Cats, Woodsculp Elephants
    Brand by Collection: Woodsculp Pets, Woodsculp Safari
    Brand by Release Date: Woodsculp Christmas 2023, Woodsculp Summer 2022 I would create each of these keywords as a category so that they can be found by a search engine and by users. I would then structure as follows: All Things Nature -> Woodsculp -> Woodsculp by Animal -> Woodsculp Dogs
    All Things Nature -> Woodsculp -> Woodsculp by Animal -> Woodsculp Elephants
    All Things Nature -> Woodsculp -> Woodsculp by Collection -> Woodsculp Pets
    All Things Nature -> Woodsculp -> Woodsculp by Collection -> Woodsculp Safari
    All Things Nature -> Woodsculp -> Woodsculp by Release Date -> Woodsculp Christmas 2023
    All Things Nature -> Woodsculp -> Woodsculp by Release Date -> Woodsculp Summer 2022 The only problem with this structure is it would take more than 3 clicks (4) for the user to reach a product. How critical is this for good SEO and user experience? Would I be better off getting rid of the ‘Woodsculp by Animal’, ‘Woodsculp by Collection’ and ‘Woodsculp by Release Date’ categories? Structure would look as follows: All Things Nature -> Woodsculp -> Woodsculp Dogs
    All Things Nature -> Woodsculp -> Woodsculp Elephants
    All Things Nature -> Woodsculp -> Woodsculp Safari
    All Things Nature -> Woodsculp -> Woodsculp Christmas 2023 The only thing with this is there would be a lot of categories under the brand name which might make it more difficult for search engines and users to logically follow. Would I be better off getting rid of the brand category and replace them with the keyword categories? Structure would look as follows: All Things Nature -> Woodsculp by Animal -> Woodsculp Dogs
    All Things Nature -> Woodsculp by Animal -> Woodsculp Elephants
    All Things Nature -> Woodsculp by Collection -> Woodsculp Safari
    All Things Nature -> Woodsculp by Release Date -> Woodsculp Christmas 2023 This would organise things more logically but I would then lose the brand category (and the potential of the brand keyword ranking?) Would I be better off choosing one main keyword to use as a category and then use tags for the other categories? Categories: All Things Nature -> Woodsculp -> Woodsculp Dogs
    All Things Nature -> Woodsculp -> Woodsculp Elephants Tags: Woodsculp Safari
    Woodsculp Christmas 2023 The next issue I have is that I have products which could fall under several different categories. A product called Elijah Elephant, for example could fall under Woodsculp Elephants, Woodsculp Safari and Woodsculp Summer 2022. In previous e-commerce sites I have never assigned multiple categories to one product (I instead have used tags). Is it good practice to organise products under multiple categories for an e-commerce site? Thanks in advance for any help and advice.

    | nb2e4fg

  • keywords seo tactics service based website service pages 1 keyword for 1 page

    Hello guys, I have a service-based website. Right now, I have around 30 commercial pages for different services, that we offer. I came up with idea to add service page for each keyword we're ranking in. For example, we offer home-construction service and we have 1 commercial page for this service. I will create 10-20 pages for keywords, related to home-construction services.
    For example: bricklaying, Fundamental works, Landscape works, Concrete works, etc. I saw similar approach on this website. It's a link on bricklaying page: If you scroll down you will see section with keywords, related to bricklaying and each keyword has separate page with duplicate content. My questions are: Do you know the name of this SEO tactic, so I can google more information about it? Do you think that it's good idea to use similar approach in order to improve your rankings for certain keywords? Is it a dangerous SEO tactic that may cause some penalties for your website or it's completely safe? Thank you for helping, guys! 331ea1ea-1d49-4f6c-89ef-510ef4657fa4-image.png c5999dbb-6dfb-4fbe-b3e8-ab9a0943bd88-image.png

    | MykhailoRudenko

  • I know there has been a lot of discussion lately about FAQs pages and I'm wondering when and if they are still warranted useful and what if they have positive or negative effects on page rankings. Regards, John Brown
    Essay Writer

    | JohnBrown75

  • content

    Hi friends, I have a question. I want to know how Google detects the author of a content.

    | Alopii

  • content is king blog post content development

    Hello Moz Team, hope everyone is doing well, I have question regarding mine blog post recently that I published: My target keywords in this post are Cuboid Definition, Cuboid Surface Area, Cuboid Volume. I have considered and applied every good SEO practice, like H Tags, gave links to authority sites, featured image, other images, etc but my post is still not appearing in top 3, 5 or even 10 I have covered each and every aspect of the topic, Can anyone let me know what's the reason and any suggestion for me. Thanks!

    | JoeySolicitor
  • This question is deleted!


  • Our company has drafted several SEO blogs using certain keywords. If we post these SEO blogs to our website and social media channels , and the blog keywords are also used on our main website pages, will the blogs divert or dilute traffic to our main web pages? Thank you for your expertise and insights in advance.

    | Johnenchroma

  • Hi, if I have a page that unintentionally ranks for a term that I want to create a page for - say "atlanta apartments" - should I still create a page specifically intended to rank for "atlanta apartments"? Will canonical tags be crucial in this case? Hoping to avoid creating duplicate content and instead create the correct content for a specific term.

    | smiller76

  • I use Moz Local to sync my Endocrinology medical clinic website to search engines and directories and it has helped me a lot. However, I want to start a blog that deep dives into Endocrine based issues like diseases and conditions. The issue is I am not sure if I should just add the blog to my Endocrinology Medical Clinic website or Start the blog off on a completely new domain because one day I might want to sell my Endocrinology Medical Clinic but keep my Endocrine based blog. What do you suggest? Also do any of your services help submit blogs without a physical address to search engines and directories like Moz Local?

    | Viewpoint-Endocrinology

  • I'm working on a new website and attempting to make it as efficient as possible. I've put it through a few scanners and have a few concerns. Is it true that having long titles is beneficial? My contact page, for example, is just titled contact, while my FAQ page is simply titled commonly asked questions. What about meta descriptions for each page? Do they still serve a purpose nowadays? Because my site title is a graphic header, having a big text title doesn't really suit with the style, the H1 tag is missing on a few pages. Is there any way to get around this?

    | markellw9

  • Hi I'm brand new to SEO stuff, and I'm trying to monetize my blog. I have a Q from you about optimizing my blog for an international audience. So I thought where is better to ask my question 🙂 My q is: Does the country that you are living in and publishing your post affect your SEO if you blog in English? For instance, if I live in turkey, but I publish my whole posts in English, will Google hesitate to show my content to an English audience? In other words, Does the publishing source country make it harder to contest with native English bloggers for google's page 1? Thanks in advance for your attention

    | Nilss

  • Hi there, Quick question on mobile SEO. Basically, I don't think I can effectively format my mobile website design unless I just build it as a collection of pictures. This way it'll be possible to format so it doesn't look a jumbled mess. My question - if my mobile version is just essentially HQ screenshots/pictures put together, how will that affect my SEO for mobile? PS if anyone has suggestions on how I can design my mobile version without affecting desktop I'd appreciate it. I'm using shopify and across many of the themes I've tried whatever I design on desktop has to format on mobile as well. To my knowledge only wix allows you to independently edit the mobile and desktop versions.

    | markellw

  • I have been a writer for a long time.  I have done a lot of writing.  Many excellent teachers, professors, bosses, colleagues, and editors have helped me.  I've responded to a lot of red ink - a lot of red ink. A few days ago, I found a tool that has been extremely helpful.  It has significantly improved the clarity of my writing.  Using it on a piece of work makes me more confident about it at publication time.  It requires a lot of work to use (at least it does for me) but the results are well worth the time. People who are serious about writing well will understand this tool immediately. I don't own this website (I wish I did) and have no affiliation with it.   Today they released a desktop version that they are almost giving away.  I have not tried it yet but plan to instal it today.

    | EGOL

  • My website Spam score is showing me 78% with MOZ Pro Does it mean it Okay!! Please Explain More to meSPAM2.jpg

    | Stephen52525252

  • Hi. Moz is alerting me that my blog has no alt image. I actually don't have an image inside the blog but it's in the header, as part of my wordpress theme. Now when I check this image in the header, the alt image keyword is there. I'm not sure how to fix it. Please help.

    | VAPartners

  • One of our clients ran a crawl report via Moz. These are the results. Can you please help us make sense of this? (I am a SCORE volunteer and we are working with a company that is trying to decide on how to proceed with an SEO company but would like to understand the process somewhat so they can make a better decision on who to hire. ) Can someone breakdown the importance missing description- 934 total missing canonical tags- 574 total title too long - 199 total duplicate content 74 total url too long - 63 total missing or invalid h1- 55 total duplicate titles- 21 total redirect chain- 1 total

    | ImeuOkou

  • Hi all, What is the best Wordpress theme for a professional DM blog? I am looking for something minimalistic where I can add my personal profile and have articles nicely listed, potentially grouped within categories. Any ideas? Thanks. Katarina

    | Katarina-Borovska

  • We have had a blog up for over 2 years on I want to get the SEO value out of the blog - we have 400 blog post. We don't get alot of visitors and the blogposts weren't even linked to the main site. Should I just 301 redirect and move everything to domain/blog? Is that the best way? Thanks.

    | klbklb90015

  • Hi. I looking to the community for support around how others have dealt with restrictions involving keyword usage. I have a client that is within the health supplements industry, and though not as highly regulated as medicine, they still have restrictions on words they CANNOT use on their store/website. Which of course is restrictive when you are trying to help them rank for Diabetes Supplements, but they can't mention the condition at all. So, what say the community, have you dealt with a similar issue? If so, how did/would you solve it? And can you share the solution/case study/website? In general, I was thinking they create a stand alone blog that talks about alternative medicine, health conditions, ingredients/recipes, etc. First identify what people around, e.g. Diabetic Supplements are searching for and then build content around those searches. Then once the community has had time to grow, start offering banner ads that direct them to the types of supplements they are selling on their direct website. *Just so you know, I'd also advise to put a disclaimer on the blog so people knew who owned it.

    | AmandaValle.Digital

  • Hi all - we have a blog post that has ranked as a featured snippet.  We are doing some cleanup on our back-end opening up a few other blog post categories which would change the URL address by one word.  I'm wondering if anyone knows how this would effect the ranking of the featured snippet if we were to change this address even if we did a redirect?

    | mikeobedoza

  • Hi, i want to keep header of my website moveable like if i scroll down page then the header remain showable . please can someone guide me how i do this or suggest me any resource? Thanks in advance

    | Amiie784

  • HiI am the manager of a store site in the field of online air conditioning store at a address Not much content can be produced for the air conditioner Is it important to produce content on store sites as well?

    | sarairan

  • Hi there, I would like to know how to work on my blog to get more organic traffic. Thanks!!

    | lucywrites

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