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  • url inspection breadcrumbs technical seo seo tactics

    Hello everyone ! I am building an ecom store using wordpress. I have assigned multiple categories to the same product. What should be the URL structure when users are navigating with different product categories? Categories Assigned: tshirt, blue, striped
    Product Name: blue-striped-tshirt Option 01: Matching site navigation breadcrumb to product url URL -
    Breadcrumb - home/tshirt/blue-striped-tshirt URL - (canonical to 1 product page)
    Breadcrumb - home/color/blue/blue-striped-tshirt URL - (canonical to 1 product page)
    Breadcrumb - home/type/striped/blue-striped-tshirt Option 02: Same product urls and different breadcrumbs based on user site navigation URL -
    Breadcrumb - home/tshirt/blue-striped-tshirt URL - (url same as 1 product page)
    Breadcrumb - home/color/blue/blue-striped-tshirt URL - (url same as 1 product page)
    Breadcrumb - home/type/striped/blue-striped-tshirt I have decided to got with Option 01 so that the product in each category can be ranked according to each category keyword. Which option is the best according to your experience or is there any other best practice?

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  • duplicate titles multiple titles breadcrumbs google moz

    Moz has been flagging a lot of our articles for duplicate titles. I noticed that the website was automatically generating the same words that were used for the titles above the articles and main images. But those are bread crumbs. Does anyone know if Google also considers those duplicate titles? I'm not sure if the screenshot I'm uploading will appear, but this is one of the blog posts the extra wording was showing up on:

    Content Development | | ifixcars
  • Unsolved

    structured data breadcrumblist breadcrumbs

    Hello, I would like to update the google search rich results for our website using breadcrumblist structured data. I followed google guidelines on how to get this done and even tested it using the Rich Results test but non of the changes I made show up in google search.
    Is anyone able to provide assistance with this process?

    Technical SEO | | GlobalDentalShop

  • navigation breadcrumb trail breadcrumbs ux seo

    Hi Mozzers... I'm working on a Shopify site - it is polyhierarchical with multiple parent categories for each product. Not uncommon with Shopify because of issues with faceted nav on that platform. The problem is that defining ONE breadcrumb trail back to the homepage, it works against UX, as people will be wanting to go back to the previous search results, primarily, to revisit the parent category specific search (this is an ecommerce site with a huge number of products). So heaven knows what to do. I could do: (1) Home / Product to avoid the issue. Not very good for UX though as where is the previous category page (where more than likely a product search was carried out). (2) Home / Specific Previous Search Page - Parent Category / Product (if that is possible without upsetting SEO performance - I don't think it is - but any advice is welcome) (3) or I could define one specific path and also include: Return to Previous Page / Search as a separate clickback link outside of but adjacent to the breadcrumb trail (I think Macy's used to do that): The problem with defining a specific path is it flys in the face of UX in the context of this site! Although of course defining one path seems to be best practice for SEO. Any help would be gratefully received! Thanks a million, Luke

    Intermediate & Advanced SEO | | LukeRow

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