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Category: Reporting & Analytics

Discuss the best ways to report on performance and communicate results to stakeholders.

  • traffic

    My 15 or so clients have all seen a drop in organic traffic by about 20% on GA4 for April. Rankings have not dropped or anything like that - so just wondering if anyone else has had similar?

    | Contentcoms
  • Unsolved

    ranking issue keyword rankings

    We have a keyword which is important to us and used to have rock steady rankings for over a decade. Over the past 9 months or so it has been fluctuating all over the place. Jumping up or down 20 places or so overnight. Any thoughts on this behaviour and what we should be doing to stabilise the ranking?Screenshot 2024-05-13 at 09.47.jpg

    | Hannahm24

  • Hi Guys, I want to identify whether organic landing pages in Google Analytics month on month (over 6 month period) have increased or decreased in traffic and whether the traffic trend is positive or negative. See attachment of the data. In total there are 500 pages, so it's just not feasible to review each organic chart for each organic landing page to view the trend. I’m sure there is some way to view this in Google Analytics, but just not sure how. Any suggestions? Cheers. 0Bnv85G.jpg

    | spyaccounts14

  • I have a small health & fitness blog, and my Google search traffic suddenly dropped 60% around August 1 (I've attempted to link an image). My rank has dropped for 86 keywords. I have no manual penalty, so I'm guessing I was affected by the algorithm change. My technical skills are VERY limited. I've tried to find answers on my own, but every time I try to "fix" something, I only seem to make it worse. I do seem to have some structural/performance issues with my site (e.g., lots of 404 errors from uninstalled plugins and unwanted permalinks). I asked my server for assistance (I used managed Wordpress hosting), and they said they couldn't help. As you can imagine, this is quite devastating, and I have no clue where to go from here. I don't know if I'm allowed to link to my site here, but it's mommyrunsit dot com. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks. Sharon 0lPu4wY

    | RoniFaida

  • Hi, I have a WordPress site (woocommerce integrated). I would like to know should I use a plugin to enable e-commerce tracking in Google Analytics or I should do it manually with GTM. Which is a better way? Will using a plugin to enable e-commerce tracking slow down my site? Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

    | Mr.Suren

  • lighthouse

    Hi, Many experts cite the Lighthouse speed as an important factor for search ranking. It's confusing because several top sites have Lighthouse speed of 30-40, yet they rank well. Also, some sites that load quickly have a low Lighthouse speed score (when I test on mobile/desktop they load much quicker than stated by Lighthouse). When we look at other image rich sites (such as Airbnb, John Deere etc) the Lighthouse score can be 30-40. Our site loads quickly on Desktop and Mobile, but the Lighthouse score is similar to Airbnb and so forth. We have many photos similar to photo below, probably 30-40, many of which load async. Should we spend more time optimizing Lighthouse or is it ok? Are large images fine to load async? Thank you, Dave bg_05.jpg

    | erdev

  • Hi I tried to add an analytics script. Google Tag Assistant recognizes the script that was added properly, but I don't receive any data in Analytics. I also have tried to implement the Analytics script with the Monsterinsights plugin, the code is well recognized by Google Tag Assistant, but I don't receive any data in Analytics. What is going wrong here? Website: Thanks for your advice! BmRUkFJ

    | conversal

  • Hi, I'm having a strange problem from past one month. My website gets about 10k pageviews a month with an average bounce rate of 50%. Lately, I observed a strange thing. The avg time on page of visitors from selected countries is less than 1 second and the bounce rate is zero!! How is this possible? This is happening from past one month and it would be really helpful if you guys could tell me what exactly is happening?? Ive attached a screenshot for better understanding. website url : fIAXXgF 3zQuBAN

    | ganesh1

  • What is the deal with the search reports in the Google My Business app?  I downloaded this app so prospective customers could message my business, and when I look at the search reports on the app, the results seem nonsensical.  According to google analytics my business receives pretty steady traffic every day.  Why does the report say that I receive zero visitors one day and 400 the next? (See the screenshot below) 4yLRCHG

    | RandyHT

  • Hi all, Rand Fishkin once tweeted about success story of Quickbooks blog as they deleted their old and outdated content to show only high quality content to their audience. We are planning to implement the same strategy to our blog which consists of 800+ blog-posts. I'm just wondering the best way to proceed on this and planning to follow as below. Please correct me if I'm wrong and if there are any better steps of follow: Get the list of blog-posts. Check the traffic of each blog-post. If the blog-post needs to be existed, update any info on the blog. If the blog no more needed, do I need to delete or noindex or redirect? What's the better way to measure the success? Thanks

    | vtmoz

  • Hi, I hope you are doing well. I want to know what are the best SEO plugins for  wordpress website?

    | Bigbrand

  • My site is only 11 months old but has steadily (if not slowly) been gaining backlinks. My question, is why Moz shows me at 303 backlinks and Google search console is showing at 1,237? I am more than a little suspicious that this could highlight the reason Moz shows such an unfavorable DA ranking for our site at a DA12.  Other competitors that rank for similar keywords to mine are DA 42, DA 65, DA 73, etc. If the largest ranking factor is links, and they have mine reported incorrectly - is this the issue with DA as it relates to sites like mine? Any answer from someone who has experienced similar, or has a definitive answer is more than welcome to chime in! Thanks, Kevin

    | kvncrll

  • google tag manager custom events ga4

    I have some experience in successfully creating custom events for GA4 via Tag Manager, but I have one account where my events are firing in GTM but not showing at all in GA4 (not real time or anywhere). I have twice done them over and published my changes but still no luck. Any ideas what else the issue can be? There are no internal filters at the moment. Thank you.

    | bradsimonis

  • Hi MOZ Community, We have a client that is currently ranking well for SEO. We are nearing completion of an app for the client. There is a fair bit of content that is the same across both the app and website. I have three questions; Do we want the app to get indexed? How do we avoid duplicate content on the website & app? Do we need both URL's to be the same or different (for website and app)?

    | RichardNM

  • Our company is a full service law firm with a main website and 6 microsites relevant to each practise area. Over the last 2 years, we have had significant traffic growth and ranked well in SERP, conversions were good and everything was tracking along nicely. Come January 2019, the traffic on 2 of our microsites have dropped by 20% and is not recovering. We have done a site audit and there are no issues with the website, we are still ranking #1 in SERP for our targeted search terms but the traffic just isn't there. Has anyone else with legal websites had this issue or can provide insight into the drop in traffic? It just doesn't make sense why all of a sudden the traffic isn't there anymore. Any advice on what other actions we can take to try and find the issue would be appreciated.

    | monique-plaw

  • Hi Everyone, Is there a tool that can change the phone number on a web page based on the visitor source (i.e., direct, organic, paid, etc.)? I'd like to implement a solution like this with different call tracking numbers based on the visitor source.  We use the Google suite for our analytics (GA, GTM, Google Data Studio, Google Optimize is also an option as well). - Also, is there a good call tracking service that will ping a URL each time the phone number is called so that we can track these calls as events in GA? The majority of our visitors use a desktop PC and dial in the number on the screen rather than clicking (tapping) on it from a mobile device. Thanks, Andy

    | AndyRCWRCM

  • Is there a quick way of filtering the IP addresses for all the computers on a network that's using IPv6? I want to filter out visits to our websites from the devices on our office network, but each computer (and phone and tablet) seems to have a different address. It _looks _like they all start the same way, though. One computer is xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:aaaa:aaaa:aaaa:aaaa, another is xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:bbbb:bbbb:bbbb:bbbb, my phone is xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:cccc:cccc:cccc:cccc, etc. Does this mean that xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx is the address for our network as a whole, and I can just set up a Google Analytics filter for "IP addresses starting with..."? Or would doing that also filter out hits from, like, every visitor within a 20 mile radius of our office? If I need to simply put in the individual addresses for each and every device, I will. I'm just hoping it doesn't come to that. Thanks!

    | BrianAlpert78

  • dashboards client access new features

    Re: Client Dashboard Options Wanted to bump this. Adding a feature where you can share a link to clients to be able to view their dashboard at any time would be a great value add for our SEO clients!

    | EWeaver

  • Hello,
    So something weird is going on, i run a few websites for clients, few different CMS. there has been a constant increase in traffic and ranking on one wordpress website and now the squarespace website is climbing up in rankings in the past few months. both has GTM installed for months, which has been optimized regularly.
    for the wordpress website, in the past 2 weeks, starting June 4th, on google search console the clicks and impressions has started going down to the point that i lost 90% of clicks and impressions and traffic on analytics has started dropping a few days later, now at about 60% less traffic. for the Squarespace website, exactly the same thing, started June 7th and drop in clicks/impressions (though ranking increase) and then traffic drop. checked both GTM for recent changes incase of wrong code implement, no changes, no new major issues.
    different hostings different CMS, no link between them.   i just cant put my finger what is going on. anyone got any idea what is going on?

    | SharonEKG

  • ga4 traffic campaign settings

    Hi there, I've connected multiple client accounts to GA4 already, but three of our accounts that we have administrator rights to in GA4 are not showing up in our selectable accounts/properties list when logged in via Moz to add to the traffic settings area. Anyone else have this issue and find a fix?

    | luminusagency

  • moz report reporting total visits

    Hi. One of the properties in our account has been reporting zero '0' total visits for the past few weeks. The other properties aren't affected. Is there a reason for this or is this an issue on the Moz side of things. Thanks!Moz Zero Visits.PNG

    | rh-digi

  • ga4 integration

    With the date for the switchover to GA4 fast approaching, will Moz support it? I can't seem to get any clear answer on this.

    | RenieShaw

  • ga4

    I switched to GA4 but because I also turned off UA, Moz traffic analysis is now flatlining. Whatʻs the workaround here?

    | peterkay

  • google analytics direct traffic

    Hello, I work for an agency and we have seen a big rise in bounce rate for 4 of our clients which happened on the exact same day. This rise on bounce rate is across all traffic sources. We are also seeing a big increase in direct traffic, starting on the same day. Is it possible for bot traffic to affect the bounce rate of all other traffic sources? We have ruled out double reporting in GA but can explain how the bounce rate has increased for all traffic sources. How is this linked to the rise in direct traffic (in some cases as high as 500%)? Thanks

    | jenallen

  • google analytics ga4

    What differences are you typically seeing in Google Analytics 4 compared to UA? For one site I have, UA says there were 2,342 new users. GA4 says there were 1,899 new users for the same time period. Does that seem like a normal amount of difference between the two platforms?

    | emilycarimus

  • ga4 google analytics

    We have a few clients we routinely do SEO work for, and we have campaigns set up for them here. However, with the change to GA4, how is that going to impact those campaigns? How do we make that switch? Where do we go for that? And how do we set up future campaigns for GA4? Right now it looks like the only option is still for UA, but the switch happens in less than three months, which is a little unnerving.

    | buckii_modernoffice

  • google analytics moz pro campaign settings

    Google has announced that it will not report new "Universal Analytics" data as of July 1, 2023. That would mean, at that time, MOZ "traffic" results will apparently become irrelevant?

    | dcmike
  • Unsolved

    google analytics ga4 analytics reporting

    Guides on Moz and elsewhere mostly refer to Google Analytics' Universal Analytics (UA). However, UA is being replaced with GA4, and the interface, options, and reporting are very different. Can you recommend a clear, thorough, and effective walkthrough of how to set up useful SEO reports in GA4? Is there a simple tool you recommend that will help connect historical data from UA to GA4 when GA4 is the only option available? If there's no simple tool, what values do you recommend retaining from UA for effective historical reporting? How would you use them? At minimum for reporting, I'd want to show month-to-month changes and year-to-year changes (in percentages and in real numbers) for the following: all site visits all organic visits organic visits as a percentage of all site visits organic visits that led to a specific goal completion organic visits that led to any goal completion Thanks in advance for your help!

    | Kevin_P

  • When I check an URL with Search Console it cannot load some page resources, even from other domains (like:, and
    Have any of you experienced this issue?
    Steps to reproduce: open Google Search Console check an URL click "View crawled page" link select "More info" tab click "Page resources" {?}/{?} couldn't be loaded When I check the listed resources, all of them can be loaded from a web browser.
    So I do not understand why Google cannot load them.
    And there is no additional info why the resources could not be loaded.
    Any ideas? google-search-console-other-error-1.png google-search-console-other-error-2.png

    | TottiataHUN

  • amp google analytics hubspot

    Hello, all!
    What impact have you seen if you've used the Hubspot AMP plugin and then disabled it?
    We saw a big jump in sessions, which is weird because GA was tracking AMP pages. I'm trying to wrap my head around why this is happening but my brain isn't working 🙂

    | SimpleSearch

  • traffic direct traffic analytics

    We've had 50% drop in Google and Direct traffic post June Google update. Why would direct suddenly plummet as well? Could it be something with Google tag manager or our new cookie policy and cookie management system? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am a disabled person and trying to figure out what is going on with our site

    | inhouseninja

  • The new Google Search Console gives a ton of information about which pages were excluded and why, but one that I'm struggling with is "crawled - currently not indexed". I have some clients that have fallen into this pit and I've identified one reason why it's occurring on some of them - they have multiple websites covering the same information (local businesses) - but others I'm completely flummoxed. Does anyone have any experience figuring this one out?

    | brettmandoes

  • redirect chain redirect

    What is the difference between "document" and "object" moved redirect errors? I'm used to see "object moved" as a redirect chain issue that needs to be fixed, but this week my report contained a "document moved" redirect chain issue. And it's on our homepage. Looks like it might be a HTTP versus an HTTPS issue.

    | Kate_Nadeau
  • Unsolved

    crawl errors 403 errors url issue fix error help

    A bit at a loss here. I ran a URL crawl report at the end of January on a website( ). There were no major critical issues at the time. No updates were made on the website (that I'm aware of), but after running another crawl on March 14, the report was short about 90 pages on the site and suddenly had a ton of 403 errors. I ran a crawl again on March 15 to check if there was perhaps a discrepancy, and the report crawled even fewer pages and had completely different results again. Is there a reason the results are differing from report to report? Is there something about the reports that I'm not understanding or is there a serious issue within the website that needs to be addressed? Jan. 28 results:
    Screen Shot 2022-03-16 at 3.00.52 PM.png March 14 results:
    Screen Shot 2022-03-15 at 10.31.22 AM.png March 15 results:
    Screen Shot 2022-03-15 at 4.06.42 PM.png

    | OliviaKantyka

  • google analytics google tag manager bounce rate

    My client's site that is reporting an under 10% bounce rate for all sources. Direct is the highest at 8%. I'm no expert in GA but wondering if there is a problem with the analytics/tag manager code on the site. I'm especially concerned about the GTM body script being in an iframe which I read could be trouble. <!-- Google Tag Manager (noscript) -->
    <noscript><iframe src=""
    height="0" width="0" style="display:none;visibility:hidden"></iframe></noscript>
    <!-- End Google Tag Manager (noscript) --> You can see all the source code here:

    | bradsimonis
  • Solved


    Is there a way to remove the Moz branding from automated PDF reports that are emailed to clients?

    | ArttiaCreative

  • google analytics

    My company is building a new website with a new web development company. Our old website development company hosted our Google Analytics account on their account (this was done 13+ years ago, probably a good idea then, but we definitely would've done it differently knowing what we know now). I've been researching how we could move our GA property to a new account owned by us, but according to this article: "There are some circumstances in which you cannot move a property:
    -> The source account and the destination account are not in the same Google Marketing Platform organization. Contact an organization admin to make sure both accounts belong to the same organization." In our case, the source account and the destination account do not belong to the same organization. I may just have to accept that we are losing 13+ years of historical data about our website, and if that's the case, oh well. But, if anyone has an idea how we can export/import our GA data to our new analytics account, I would greatly appreciate it.

    | GreatLegalMarketing
  • Solved

    domain author linking root domains reporting

    Is there a way I can get the historical DA and linking root domains? I need to get the scores from Jan to Nov 2021 (on a month to month basis)

    | mrsbagsic
  • Solved

    technical seo

    Working on a website that has a job board, and over 4000 active job ads. All of these ads are listed on a single "job board" page, and don’t obviously all load at the same time. They are not linked to from anywhere else, so all tools are listing all of these job ad pages as orphans. How much of a red flag are these orphan pages? Do sites like Indeed have this same issue? Their job ads are completely dynamic, how are these pages then indexed? We use Google’s Search API to handle any expired jobs, so they are not the issue. It’s the active, but orphaned pages we are looking to solve. The site is hosted on WordPress. What is the best way to solve this issue? Just create a job category page and link to each individual job ad from there? Any simpler and perhaps more obvious solutions? What does the website structure need to be like for the problem to be solved? Would appreciate any advice you can share!

    | Michael_M

  • reporting dashboards

    My company is an agency, and we manage many SEO Campaigns. I love the reports, but I'd really like to add an online dashboard that my clients can login to and see the same up to date stats as I do in Moz Pro. I can't do it with Seats because you can't limit a seat to a specific campaign (as far as I know). Has anyone found a solution for this?

    | bizmarquee

  • Please help me. How to check the DA, PA of the website . I want to know any quality website to take care of it more. But at present I do not know any forum quality is good and trust. Thank you

    | gogoanimetp

  • google analytics reporting

    We have abnormally high amounts of direct traffic to our site. It's comprising over half of all web traffic while organic is second with considerably less. From there the volume decreases amongst other channels. I've never seen such a huge proportion of traffic being attributed the Direct. Does anyone know how to test this or see if there is an error in Google Analytics reporting?

    | graceflack 0

  • google analytics

    I recently received help on a question I asked on SEOmoz but need additional clarification.  I am trying to set up goals in Google Analytics for people who click on a “purchase botton” which sends them to PayPal.  I created a Thank You page and tried to get PayPal to redirect to it, however, our customers only get  to our site’s 404 page. Here is what I’ve done so far: Went into my PayPal account and turned the “Auto Return” to ‘on’ Under website payment preferences, I added the following URL  (I formatted the URL this way because the person who provided me with help recommended using the format ?UTM_nooverride=1.  However, our CMS system won’t allow “?” or “=”)

    | EricVallee34

  • google tag manager

    I'm using an Element Visibility trigger to track a value that appears on a page. However, I want to track this value even when the user doesn't scroll to the area of the page where the element is (i.e. when the page is loaded, and the value is displayed below the fold, but the user doesn't scroll down there). Is there a way of doing this

    | RWesley

  • gdpr google analytics

    On December 1 and 2, I implemented a cookie banner on 5 of my Wix sites ( is one example) in order to be in compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and LGPD. Since then my traffic according to Wix Analytics and Google Analytics has plummeted. Anyone else have the same issue? How did you fix it?

    | Jason_Taylor

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