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  • Unsolved

    technical seo crawl errors

    Hello, I have a very peculiar question about an issue I'm having when working on a website. It's a WordPress site and I'm using a generic plug in for title and meta updates. When I go to crawl the site through screaming frog, however, there seems to be a hard coded title tag that I can't find anywhere and the plug in updates don't get crawled. If anyone has any suggestions, thatd be great. Thanks!

    Technical SEO | | KyleSennikoff

  • www3 crawl errors

    I have a site with a ton of errors... things including overlong titles, etc.
    Upon fixing some, they have then re-appeared in the next crawl report as www3. could anyone explain this simply?, and how I should approach the errors.. should I set to ignore the www3. or something else? thanks in advance

    On-Page Optimization | | GregDixson
  • Unsolved

    crawl error crawl errors

    Moz is being blocked from crawling the following site - When looking at Robot.txt, the following is disallowing access but don't know whether this is preventing Moz from crawling too? User-agent: *
    Disallow: /adeci/
    Disallow: /core/
    Disallow: /connectors/
    Disallow: /assets/components/ Could something else be preventing the crawl?

    Moz Pro | | danhart2020
  • Unsolved

    crawl errors 403 errors url issue fix error help

    A bit at a loss here. I ran a URL crawl report at the end of January on a website( ). There were no major critical issues at the time. No updates were made on the website (that I'm aware of), but after running another crawl on March 14, the report was short about 90 pages on the site and suddenly had a ton of 403 errors. I ran a crawl again on March 15 to check if there was perhaps a discrepancy, and the report crawled even fewer pages and had completely different results again. Is there a reason the results are differing from report to report? Is there something about the reports that I'm not understanding or is there a serious issue within the website that needs to be addressed? Jan. 28 results:
    Screen Shot 2022-03-16 at 3.00.52 PM.png March 14 results:
    Screen Shot 2022-03-15 at 10.31.22 AM.png March 15 results:
    Screen Shot 2022-03-15 at 4.06.42 PM.png

    Reporting & Analytics | | OliviaKantyka
  • Unsolved

    moz pro crawl errors wrong insight canonical

    I'm trying MozPro considering using it.
    One of the tool which is appealing is the crawl and insights.
    After quick use, I really question many of the alerts, for instance, I got a "missing canonical tag" on this url: but when I check my markup, there's clearly a canonical tag: <link rel="canonical" href=""> Anybody can explain?
    I asked Moz Pro staff when being onboarded but didn't get an answer...
    Honestly, I'm questioning the value of these crawls, or may be I miss something?

    Moz Pro | | rolandvintners
  • Unsolved

    crawl crawl errors

    hello moz . my site is papion shopping but when i start to add it an error appears that it cant gather any data in moz!! what can i do>???

    Moz Tools | | valigholami1386
  • Unsolved

    crawl errors url issue ecommerce url

    I have a question about Site Crawl: Content Issues segment. I have an e-shop and moz showing me problem because my urls are too similar and my H1s are the same
    <title>Halkdiki Properties <title>Halkdiki Properties Can someone help, is a big problem or I ignore it?? thank you

    Moz Pro | | TheoVavdinoudis

  • duplicate content crawl errors seo audit

    Hello, the result of renewed content appeared in the scan results in my Shopify Store. But these products are unique. Why am I getting this error? Can anyone please help to explain why?

    Moz Pro | | gokimedia

  • crawl errors 4xx error

    I have a client who sells highly technical products and has lots and lots (a couple of hundred) pdf datasheets that can be downloaded from their website. But in order to download a datasheet, a user has to register on the site. Once they are registered, they can download whatever they want (I know this isn't a good idea but this wasn't set up by us and is historical). On doing a Moz crawl of the site, it came up with a couple of hundred 401 errors. When I investigated, they are all pages where there is a button to click through to get one of these downloads. The Moz error report calls the error "Bot verification". My questions are:
    Are these really errors?
    If so, what can I do to fix them?
    If not, can I just tell Moz to ignore them or will this cause bigger problems?

    Technical SEO | | mfrgolfgti

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