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  • keyword difficulty keyword explorer

    Hi there, Moz Community! I'm reaching out for some guidance on keyword research discrepancies. I'm currently targeting the keyword "sui gas bill" for my blog, sngplbill, which focuses on information related to Sui gas bills. I've used several keyword research tools, including Moz, Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, and Semrush, and each platform provides different search volume and keyword difficulty scores: Moz: No search volume data, Keyword Difficulty (KD) 24
    Google Keyword Planner: Search volume 100k-1M, Difficulty (Low)
    Semrush: Search volume 90k, KD 31
    Ahrefs: KD 1 (Very Easy)
    These varying results are causing some confusion. Ideally, I'd like to understand which platform offers the most reliable data for search volume and keyword difficulty. Here are some additional details that might be helpful: My target location: Pakistan My Questions: What factors might contribute to these discrepancies in keyword data across different tools?
    Considering my niche (Sui gas bill information in Pakistan), which platform would you recommend for the most accurate search volume and keyword difficulty estimates?
    Are there any additional factors to consider beyond search volume and keyword difficulty when selecting keywords for content strategy?
    Any insights you can provide would be greatly appreciated!
    Capture sui gas bill semrush.PNG Capture moz sui gas bill.PNG Capture gkp sui gas bill.PNG Capture ahref sui gas bill.PNG

    Keyword Research | | Faizali.786
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    keyword difficulty keyword explorer keyword rankings keywords

    What are the most effective strategies for managing keyword difficulty (KD) in the Swiss market's competitive landscape, considering factors such as language variations, regional preferences, and search engine algorithms?

    Keyword Research | | digitavision2288
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    keyword difficulty keyword density

    Good Day,
    Is there any way we can check KD country-wise? and sometime Moz KD does not match with Ahref KD. What's the reason How to connect Vizio TV to Wifi Its KD is low on Moz and High on Ahref. Please help

    Keyword Explorer | | ui89

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