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    When arranging content on a shop category page I place a descriptive optimized opening paragraph of text above products. On desktop this shows both the opening text and the products above the fold (visible here - also shown on the screen grab below). The text may well be ignored by most visitors (who will likely be drawn straight to product images) but it still serves a purpose. dekstop.png When it comes to smaller mobile screens I have started to disable the opening paragraph of text (above the products) and instead place a copy of it below the products, (screen grab below). This keeps the optimized text on the page, but it means that mobile users instantly see products rather than having to scroll past text that they may see as inconvenient. mobile.png I'm conscious of the fact that Google indexes mobile content first, and it also doesn't like duplicate content. I therefore have three questions relating to this: Will moving the optimized text content below all the products to the bottom of the page devalue it (I understand important content should be as near to the top of page as possible)? Although the optimized paragraph of text only displays once on desktop (at the top of the page) and once on mobile (at the bottom of the page) it is actually visible twice in the source code - does this count as duplication, and could it therefore hurt the performance of the page in SERPs? If this practice does cause issues, is there an ideal way to optimize content on pages (especially shop category pages) that doesn't require mobile users to scroll through text before seeing products? Lastly, on topic optimized landing pages that feature product promotions such as this one - - I wonder if it is best to lead with an optimized text introduction above product images, or better to place the products right at the top of the page for immediate impact, then follow this with the content/article/blog post? Many thanks for any advice offered.

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    I am considering developing a new site monetized with Adsense. I am wondering if it's still worth bothering with AMP, it will take some work to get the functionality I have in mind working on these pages due to the inherent limitations. Has anyone got any insights in terms of current and future benefits of AMP in terms of ranking benefits and Adsense earning potential?

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