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  • reviews seo comparison marketing advice

    Hello Moz community. I’m looking for feedback on how
    to improve this national company review/comparison website. We bring in experts in the industries we are writing reviews on. Well then conduct extensive keyword research and provide an SEO optimized recommendation content briefing to the writer. The writer creates the content including the high search volume and most relevant keyword phrases that people are searching for. We also make sure to match the intent of the keywords to Commercial intent for the content to ensure it matches our audience. For example, we brought in a leading audiologist and created the top Hearing aids for tinnitus.. How can we improve the process and site, any recommendations?

    Content Development | | Paul-Paquin-Golden-Financial
  • Unsolved

    reviews moz local

    My google reviews are not transferring over to the directory sites how do we fix this? im looking at the chamber of commerce and it says 0 reviews

    Moz Local | | Roberthodges

  • reviews pagination crawler disallow

    Hi experts, I present customer feedback, reviews basically, on my website for the products that are sold. And with this comes the ability to read reviews and obviously with pagination to display the available reviews. Now I want users to be able to flick through and read the reviews to help them satisfy whatever curiosity they have. My only thinking is that the page that contains the reviews, with each click of the pagination will present roughly the same content. The only thing that changes is the title tags which will contain the number in the H1 to display the page number. I'm thinking this could be duplication but i have yet to be notified by Google in my Search console... Should i block crawlers from crawling beyond page 3 of reviews? Thanks

    Technical SEO | |

  • local seo reviews google my business

    Hi Mozers, I have a cosmetic dentist client, in Belgium, who had 95 reviews. And in 2 days, he lost 20 good reviews (10 reviews per day), from real customers. The problem is that his rating went down drastically because they were only 5 star reviews. Yesterday he got a 5 star review from a real customer and this morning he disappeared. Have you ever experienced such a scenario? What could be the cause? Thank you in advance for your help. Kind regards,

    Reviews and Ratings | | JonathanLeplang

  • reviews ecommerce schema product page

    Hi, I'm looking to introduce historical customer reviews onto our product pages but i want an opinion on whether a product page that's indexed will jump from 0 reviews to possible 30+, what if any problems that could arise from this.. For a bit of background, we've been collecting customer reviews/ratings since 2015 on our internal system. I'm only looking to start using feedback from 2020 onwards. The current set up is that the product page will display the latest 30 reviews, on the same page is a link that will take the user to another page where they can review all the customer feedback. I'm using Google Schema to markup the text to ensure it is firstly understood by google and displays correctly too. So back to my original question. Will an e-commerce product page that currently has no customer reviews that is indexed, been seen differently if when the next time it's crawled its found to have, say 30+ reviews? Are there any implications this way? What's your experience? I look forward to reading your feedback.

    Technical SEO | |

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