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  • serp title tags

    When doing a google search for "Wedding Invitations Toronto", you will find my site shows up in top 5 results. I'm trying the figure out why the TITLE of the page no longer shows up in the SERP. Only the domain shows up above the link to the page. So you basically see twice, when the first instance should be the "title" drawing from the HTML code. I did implement the JSON code to provide proper site data structure as well. Could someone check my source, and tell me if I'm missing something, or if I put TOO MUCH stuff there? Thank You!!!!

    Local SEO | | TysonWong

  • title tags on page optimization on-page meta data meta tags

    Let's say you're writing a homepage title tag like this: KEYWORD | BRAND and Google rewrites it as BRAND | KEYWORD From Moz and best practices, we believe that keywords closer to the beginning of a title tag may have more impact on search rankings. So, when Google rewrites the title tag, do you get the impact you would have made with the keyword being closer to the front? Or, does Google give you the impact you would have received with the keyword being at the end?

    On-Page Optimization | | Kevin_P

  • keywords title tags

    Hi there, what is the best way to decide the keywords to be used in title tag?

    Web Design | | lucybish
  • Unsolved

    title tags

    where can I view all the pages of the website crawled to see all the page urls, page titles and descriptions all in one single view not one page at a time? for example when using screaming frog you can scan a site and it will make a list of all pages urls, titles and descriptions that you can export. Thanks.

    Getting Started | | peterbriss

  • title tags

    Hi, We have noticed our home page title tag has now been replaced by our brand name (by Google I'm assuming). We have also noted that the page is dropping off SERPS for our main keywords, I suspect they are related but ofc I cant be sure. I know the recent Google update has impacted titles but I wasn't sure if it would apply here. Has anyone any advice on this and/or having the same issue? We normally rank well for grass seed (UK search) I also noticed some strange mark up in our source code which seems to have been left behind by Sketch - we are getting this removed. <title>Combined Shape</title> <desc>Created with Sketch.</desc> Chris

    Intermediate & Advanced SEO | | Chris_Mc

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