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  • 301 redirect 301 redirects

    I have a question about reusing an already 301 redirected URL Till now I never reused an URLs that has been already redirected with a 301 redirect. However, I just started working on a website where in past they created a lot of 301 redirects without thinking about the future, and now certain URLs, that are currently redirected with a 301, would be very useful (exact match) and needed (for some of the most important keywords for this specific business), to maintain an optimal, homogeneous and "beautiful" URL structure. Has any of you ever reused a URL that was previously redirected with a 301 redirect? If yes what are your experiences with it? Can content on the reused URL (that was previously 301 redirected and than the redirect removed) normally rank if the page is reestablished and the redirect is removed (and you do great content, on page, internal linking, backlinking, .... ) or is such an URL risky / not recommended / "burned" forever and not recommended to be reused again... especially for very important keywords since it present the exact match ?! Thank you very much for all your help! Regards

    Technical SEO | | moz46y

  • redirect chain 301 redirect

    Most products on our site have redirects to them from years of switching platform and merely trying to get a great and optimised URL for SEO purposes. My question is this: If a product URL has alot of redirects (301's), would it be more beneficial to me to create a duplicated version of the product and start fresh with a new URL? I am not on here trying to gain backlinks but my site is tn nursery dot net (proof:)
    I need some quality help figuring out what to do.

    Intermediate & Advanced SEO | | tammysons

  • redirecting domain 301 redirect seo tactic

    What is the safest way to redirect for best SEO benefits? Example: -> Does someone have any technical information on how to (root) redirect for best SEO practices?

    On-Page Optimization | | hans-keeren

  • duplicate content canonical 301 redirect

    Hi there
    Moz flagged the following content issues, the page has duplicate content and missing canonical tags.
    What is the best solution to do? Industrial Flooring » IRL Group Ltd Industrial Flooring » IRL Group Ltd Industrial Flooring » IRL Group Ltd

    Technical SEO | | Kingagogomarketing

  • domain 301 redirect 302

    I have two domains and one of them is being phased out. Currently, there are some 301 redirects in place for the main pages but I was wondering if it would be better / easier to just set up domain forwarding? I can't seem to find anywhere that tells you the "type" domain forwarding, is it 301? 302? etc. Thanks,

    SEO Tactics | | BrandonDebison

  • domain 301 redirect

    Hi, I have an older domain with some SEO auth for varying pages and a newer domain that is for the brand. Right now there are some 301s for about 13 pages and we are currently moving servers. I was wondering if domain forwarding is the same as writing 301 redirects for each page or is it something different (302)?

    SEO Tactics | | BrandonDebison

  • migration redirect 301 redirect

    I have this forum with about 2 million posts for 16 years on root of the domain. I am looking to switch softwares but the top ones won’t help setup 301 redirects. But I can still migrate all my members and all my content (threads/posts), would Google still reindex all our content or if we don’t setup redirects would it really kill our entire traffic for a long time or maybe just a month or so? I really want to migrate to software that isn’t forum based but rather something that offers courses, chat, live video streaming, subscription based etc. and this is the only way to do so OR to set it up on an entirely new domain OR subdomain but to me that is like starting all over from scratch? I could archive the forum to read only and set it up on subdomain or another root domain - then on the archived forum setup banners and a pop up linking to the new site or new subdomain? . This is such a hard decision for us as the current forum we have had for so many years has lost members posting from 1k a day to just a handful a day, our fb group though gets 1k a day so I’m trying to revive a site into something more modern and has all the training features we can offer as well.

    Technical SEO | | vbsk

  • seo tactic 301 redirect domain migration

    Our company (DA 40) recently acquired another company (DA 20). The domain for the acquired company is up, and I am being asked if we should keep paying for the domain. I have a couple of questions regarding this. Is it best practice to continue paying for the older domain and do 301 redirects to our website? If yes, do I have to add 301 redirects for individual matching pages? For example, if the old site has the topic XYZ, should a 301 go to our site if we have a similar page topic XYZ? What about contact pages, about us, etc? Do we redirect all non-matching topics to the new home page? Or in the case of their blogs, do we redirect their blogs to the new blog home page even though we are not keeping their old blogs? What if our company keeps acquiring other companies, are we to assume we have to keep paying for the domains of the acquired companies? Is there anyone out there that would say stop paying for the old domain and just review the company's inbound links, reach out to those sites, and make sure they link to the new site instead? Thanks for the help in advance.

    Intermediate & Advanced SEO | | CharityHBS

  • 301 redirect page rank

    I have a blog which is ranking well for certain terms, and would like to repurpose it to better explain these terms it is ranking for, including updating the url to the new term the blog will be about. The plan being to 301 redirect the old url to new. In the past, I've done this with other pages, and have actually lost much of the rankings that I had earned on the original URL. What is your take on this? Maybe repurpose blog, but maintain original URL just to be on the safe side? Thanks

    Technical SEO | | CitimarineMoz

  • seo 301 redirect rankings

    Hi, Our website is 10 years old, but I only noticed last night we had a page which has some badly formatted copy on. I redirected (301) to the home page Then I had a slight panic that maybe this was the wrong thing to do and it should be like it was with the home page and the /main page. Should I have left it or did I do the right thing?

    Intermediate & Advanced SEO | | curveballmedia

  • redirect 301 redirect 302 international seo

    We need to establish if 301 or 302 response code is to be used for our auto redirects based on Accept-Language header.
    30x >
    30x >
    30x > The site architecture is set up with proper inline HREFLANG.
    We have read different opinions about this, Ahrefs says 302 is the correct one:
    302 redirect:
    "You want to redirect users to the right version of the site for them (based on location/language)." You could argue that the root redirect is never permanent as it varies based on user language settings (302)
    On the other hand, the lang specific redirects are permanent per language: IF Accept-Language header = en > 301 >
    IF Accept-Language header = ru > 301 > So each of these is 'permanent'. So which is the correct?

    International SEO | | fJ66doneOIdDpj

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