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  • seo audit url inspection indexed urls

    The question revolves around the steps required to mitigate damage inflicted upon a website, encompassing issues such as malware insertion and content theft. It prompts a comprehensive exploration of the necessary actions to take in response to these challenges. The inquirer seeks guidance on how to effectively address the damage, indicating a desire for practical solutions and strategies to restore and safeguard their website's integrity. By posing this question, the individual demonstrates an awareness of the severity of the situation and a readiness to undertake corrective measures.

    Technical SEO | | ralphbaer

  • indexed urls seo seo audit

    I would like to know what tools I should use and how to investigate damage to my website I hired a person to do some work to my website but they damaged it. That person was on a freelance platform and was removed because of all the complaints made about them. They also put in backdoors on websites including mine and added content. I also had a second problem where my content was being stolen. My site always did well and had lots of keywords in the top five and ten, but now they are not even in the top 200. This happened in January and feb. When I write unique articles, they are not showing in Google and need to find what the problem is and how to fix it. Can anyone please help

    Technical SEO | | blogwoman1
  • Unsolved

    seo audit

    Hi there, I'm new to MOZ Pro and have a question. My scan shows Archive pages as having crawl issues, but this is because Yoast is set up to block robots on these pages. Should I be allowing search engines to crawl these pages, or am I fine to leave them as I have it set up already? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

    Moz Pro | | mhenshall

  • seo audit seo rankings

    Over the last few months my rank has dropped by around half and for the life of me I can’t see why. There are no warnings on Google Console. Am I missing something? Website:

    Intermediate & Advanced SEO | | moon-boots
  • Unsolved

    seo audit moz crawler canonical duplicate

    Hi guys, and thanks for this excellent source of information. i have an issue with the moz system because is telling to me that i dont have canonical instructions but i have canonical instructions on all my pages, so... im confused because maybe im not understanding what the system want to show to me. if you can help me i will be very gratefull. here you can see a page that have the canonical instruction. and here you can see what is reporting to me the MOZ system. this is happening on 19 pages, and all the 19 pages have the canonical instruction.
    thanks in advance guys.

    On-Page Optimization | | b-lab
  • Unsolved

    seo tools seo audit

    Check the Domain Age on THE SEO TOOLS KING
    Get Free seo tools only on THE SEO TOOLS KING

    Moz Tools | | seotoolsking

  • shopify seo audit seo expert

    Hi Experts, Single filter page: /collections/dining-chairs/black
    -- currently, canonical the same: /collections/dining-chairs/black
    -- currently, index, follow Double filter page: /collections/dining-chairs/black+fabric
    -- currently, canonical the same: /collections/dining-chairs/black+fabric
    -- currently, noindex, follow My question is about double filter page above:
    if noindexing is the better option OR should I change the canonical to /collections/dining-chairs/black Thank you

    Technical SEO | | williamhuynh

  • technical seo seo audit

    We recently had a technical SEO audit carried out and it highlighted how many clicks it took to get to many of our pages (more than 4)). Does anyone have advice on how to create a structure for our pages to avoid this or recommend any articles I can read?

    Technical SEO | | Caroline_Ardmoor

  • seo audit seo tactics seo page treatment

    Hello I've been using moz for a while, using the tools to try and best optimize our pages, I'm curious to see if we're missing anything blatant or if you have any little tips. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Here is one of our most popular pages: Cheers.

    SEO Tactics | | JamesDavison

  • seo audit google analytics

    Hi My website was infected with the malware. We have cleaned it and during the process we had to delete the cache. Now website is showing like this on the google. How can i fix this? 3e8e9111-eac7-4238-a691-9678542eb4cf-image.png Secondly, As i have lost all the ranking, how can i get back quickly? Please help Thanks in advance

    On-Page Optimization | | fslpso

  • seo seo audit

    hello . my website is but i cant make a site crawl for this . everytime i run crawling it stops and shows nothing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plz helppp.

    Other SEO Tools | | valigholami1386
  • Solved

    seo audit seo tactics

    hello . i am a user that runs parsp website . i really need to know how to run a site audit to keep my job clean and my site works well ! i need help and i am a newbie in this job . thanks moz !

    Moz Tools | | valigholami1386
  • Unsolved

    seo audit

    I am trying to diagnose how one particular competitor is smoking us in local rankings. I came across a text field “Service Details' within Google My Business Services. This allows me to put in a brief description of each service we offer. My thought is that this could be a good place for keywords. That said, the descriptions are not public facing (or to the best of my knowledge) so I am reluctant to do all the work for nothing. I am wondering if anyone has filled these out and if there were any noticeable results. Any insight is appreciated

    Local SEO | | jorda091

  • duplicate content crawl errors seo audit

    Hello, the result of renewed content appeared in the scan results in my Shopify Store. But these products are unique. Why am I getting this error? Can anyone please help to explain why?

    Moz Pro | | gokimedia

  • seo audit domain rankings

    I have a domain for my UAE based project called and however, one of my colleagues suggested going with .ae option.
    Whether if we change the domain like as suggested get earlier results than .com domain or what?\Which domain .com or .ae ranks faster in UAE location if the SEO strategies followed in the same way?

    Technical SEO | | 0eup.ombitao

  • seo audit reporting

    Hello, Mozzers! I'm curious to know how you report SEO audit findings. Do you use a spreadsheet? A presentation? A formal report? Or maybe something else. If you have a favourite audit template, I'd love to see it. A second question: what things do you report in an audit? I currently report crawl findings, authority and trust, link profiles, and competitive analysis. I also investigate a site's security—that's not usually part of an audit, but site owners need to know about it. What do you report to your audit customers? Thanks for sharing your auditing wisdom!

    Intermediate & Advanced SEO | | AndyKubrin

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