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Category: Reviews and Ratings

Dive into how to manage reviews and ratings for your local marketing strategy.

  • I just saw that Google is no longer accepting anonymous reviews for businesses, and in fact have REMOVED all current anonymous reviews. This just happened in late May, but I'm pretty surprised there hasn't been any talk about this, it's a pretty big deal. Before I knew this I called their "specialists" to ask why we lost so many reviews. I specifically asked if Google had changed their review requirements that would result in old reviews being removed. She said no. She's either not well informed or just lied. My company just lost 20+ positive reviews. Anyone else hurting from the change and finding solutions?

    | HammerandHand

  • I'm redesigning my site expected launch early January. I'll be selling some products that are currently are only available on Amazon; and those listings have thousands of very positive reviews. I'm seeing apps that are available that will sync reviews from my Amazon seller account listings to my products on-site. I'd love to start my site off with the great  validation these reviews are sure to provide customers, but I wonder how concerned I need to be about duplicate content or any other cons.

    | VaporApparel

  • Hi, Before I started with my current employer (a national B2B company), someone set them up with a Google My Business page that has resulted in the home office appearing as a local search result. As a result, our competitors have a much more professional national Knowledge Graph sidebar complete with logo, Wikipedia blurb, social links, etc. displayed while we have a local result with reviews, images, and Google Map location. Since we are a B2B business with a national presence, I am trying to transition from the local to broader company Knowledge Graph result, but I'm struggling to find information on the best steps to remove the local result. While the reviews are improving, this is a service-based business with a B2C element when it comes to end users, so historical reviews have been unkind -- to the point that I'd like to make the transition to a national presence not only to better reflect the entire region we serve, but also to remove as much review visibility as possible. The only option in Google My Business I've seen so far is to report the business as being closed, which, of course, it is not. I know a big Step 1 is to get a new Wikipedia page for the business created. (The company is legitimately deserving of one. I'm still trying to find the most effective approach to tackling this without violating Wikipedia policies. ) Outside of that step, however, is there any sort of process someone can recommend for tackling this local-to-nation Google transition? Thanks, Andrew

    | Andrew_In_Search_of_Answers

  • Hello to all our folks who market local businesses! I came across something this week that I felt was important enough to share. Hopefully, if you're a Moz blog reader or a Moz Local customer, you're already well aware of the importance of monitoring your Google My Business reviews on an ongoing basis, responding to them as they come in, whether they're positive or negative. And, you know to be on the lookout for spam reviews. But a strange new form of spam seems to be emerging that might be really easy to overlook at first. We're all familiar with the spammer who leaves you fake 1-star reviews for the purpose of harming your brand. But you might not immediately be suspicious of a 4-star review, or even a string of 4-star reviews until you realize your former 5 star rating has been whittled down by a succession of less-than-perfect, fake reviews. The worst thing, I think, about this tactic, is that it can be overlooked. Jason Brown has captured this phenomenon in his recent post: and I highly recommend reading it and paying extra attention to any 4-star reviews companies you market may be receiving. I'd suggest, if you find this going on with any of the GMB listings you manage, you report it to Jason so that he can continue to track this activity. He's a Google forum TC, and, perhaps, with enough evidence, he might eventually be able to make a case to Google about this practice.

    | MiriamEllis

  • Hello I am curious to what hosting plans you are using, and what you would recommend. I am currently paying £30 per month for shared reseller hosting with tsohost and having problems every week with my most popular website (1-10k hits a day). website gets internal errors and intermittently goes extremely slow. I have about 10 sites in total most very small traffic. So just looking for something fast, good for WordPress sites and ideally good for migrating over onto. Please let me know your recommendations. My budget is £100 per month, ideally a little less. Thanks! Steven

    | stevenbinks32

  • Hi all, We recently implemented structured data for reviews, specifically aggregateRating, on a few of our pages as a test. An example page is: Initially, this seemed to work well and we could see the star ratings and review number showing in Google search results. However, now it seems to have disappeared. Search console and the testing tool seem to suggest the structured data looks fine - when I posted this in the webmasters forum, the response I got was that it was because we're trying to mark what google deems a 'person' as a 'local business', which triggers their spam warning. And you can't have reviews for a person, apparently. I guess we're unique in that we're a review platform for professional advisers (for example, financial advisers). So whilst the profile is for a person, it's also a business - the reviews are for the professional services clients receive. Feels unfair to be penalised just because Google hasn't thought of our use case! We'd love to be able to showcase our review content, but feels like we're running out of ideas here. If anyone has any ideas for how we can make this work, it would be hugely appreciated!!

    | Eric_S

  • local seo reviews google my business

    Hi Mozers, I have a cosmetic dentist client, in Belgium, who had 95 reviews. And in 2 days, he lost 20 good reviews (10 reviews per day), from real customers. The problem is that his rating went down drastically because they were only 5 star reviews. Yesterday he got a 5 star review from a real customer and this morning he disappeared. Have you ever experienced such a scenario? What could be the cause? Thank you in advance for your help. Kind regards,

    | JonathanLeplang

  • My client has received a bad review on Google and although has other good ones, wants to delete the current Google My Business page and open a new one. I disagree with this strategy but need some evidence to back it up. They are ranking well and so I don't want to upset the cart. I need reasons not to in terms of potentially harming rankings. Am I right that this could impact?

    | AL123al

  • We have a branch in Toledo Ohio, which is close to the Michigan border. Cleary we get calls for direction from Michigan customers. However, our phone reporting does not cross the state line. Any ideas? This happens at other branches that cross state lines as well.


  • Hello, I am Uzair and I have just started a new blog website: What I do want to ask is that I am relative new in digital marketing and SEO and I can't seem to understand that all of the tools that I have used till yet have given me different backlink stats of my website. Why?

    | snjaoieiw
  • This question is deleted!


  • Does anyone have any experience or know anyone with experience getting google reviews restored? We have no technical issues with our Google business pages/locations, but for some reason, they deleted some of our recent reviews. These reviews were not at our location or review station or anything like that. A couple of the profiles were very new accounts, and a couple of the users posted reviews for a few locations, however, they were legitimate reviews that they did on their own. I was hoping someone had an idea of what to do to appeal to Google or if there was a form to fill out to get our reviews restored. Thanks, Ruben

    | KempRugeLawGroup

  • Is Google Plus really very beneficial to a business, as our experience is that this is where difficult customers or even competitors can write bad reviews?

    | CostumeD

  • My client has two sources of reviews - and - both have about 30 reviews each and we would like to combine these to get to the required 50 (so that they both show  on the product ratings feed).  I cannot find any information on  this so would be grateful for some guidance - thank you!

    | E2E

  • Hello Team, First of all, this is the best tool for SEO experts, it tells all the criteria like ctr, priority, and also difficulty, for keyword research I will give you 10/10, but my issue is this. When I put my site URL to Moz, then this shows me no ranking keyword, but I have 2 my keywords in the top 100. The other tools like Ubbersuggest show me these two. Kindly tell me why? its about crawling speed?

    | nomimhr123

  • A client inquired about this after finding that their review count was different on their Google Ad that appeared in the map pack compared to their organic result right below it. I am stumped so any thoughts or reasoning as to why this is the case would be appreciated. See attached screenshot! Lptujep

    | BrianAutoshopSEO

  • My website is related to a food blog which gives the user about the best information on the latest recipes alton brown sugar cookies.I add my backlinks but still in MOZ didn't show any backlinks within link explorerHere is my website link   :

    | Hamza546

  • An example might be a local directory site, where multiple businesses are featured. To flesh out the respective business profiles, Google Reviews are included. Copying/pasting would be the definition of duplicate content. I wonder though if hyperlinking to the review itself would be enough? For a random example: "you literally have never had better ice cream. cutest shop in charleston sc" - Mandee Jalbert, Google Review Google doesn't appear to have a review embed option- am I wrong? If not, would the above attribution via the "Google Review" hyperlink be sufficient to head off any potential dings for duplicate content? Thanks! Stephen
    Thanks for your thoughts! I feel like this might make for a good presentation at our SoundBoard conference someday soon.

    | PerfectPitchConcepts

  • I wonder if there is anything I can do to increase the chance that Google shows stars that indicate the average score of our reviews from Facebook or Google MyBusiness for the keywords where we rank nr. 1, for instance our brand name?

    | AudunBK

  • Local marketing experts rank the most important factors that influence Google's local search algorithm.  Looking for the updated 2020 Local Ranking Factors Survey. Doesn't it usually come out about this time ??

    | Staff09

  • Hello, I have a client that when you Google just their business name a couple of odd things are happening. First off, they show up in the map pack, but it's now showing their review rating. They have 29 reviews, with an average star rating of 4.6, but at first glance, it doesn't look like they have any reviews:

    | ElaineBushey

  • Hi, I would like to add 1st party reviews to a website that promotes a software application using schema code to display ratings in search results. I have not been able to find any examples of software app schema being on a single page. Wondering how others have applied this and displayed on the website.  Thanks.

    | SaddleOak

  • The is a lot of info on the web about how business reviews/ratings improve local search result rankings. However do product ratings or reviews improve PDP/PLP/Homepage (not local) rankings?

    | rigelcable

  • Hello, I purchased Moz Local for our fitness and performance company, BIM Fitness & Performance, about 6 weeks ago. Compared to the other people in our area, we have the highest DA. We show up 2nd in search but are not showing up on the "map pack" for local. That said, can someone please help me pinpoint why this may be? We've selected several categories that are relevant to search and we can't seem to understand why.

    | scottgray0620

  • Hi, I am working on a competitor who is obviously building up fake reviews using a 3rd party service. I need to build more evidence. A majority of his reviews on Google My Business, they are done by reviewers with very few reviews (no profile pic), and that seem to review 3-4 companies in the Chicagoland area the exact same day. This happens again and again. It started about 1.5 years ago. Before that everything looks normal. Any idea how much proof I need to actually get those reviews and/or his company removed? I am working on getting access to a private group on Facebook where he talks about it. Thanks in advance!

    | vetofunk

  • hi guys. i wonder that are you able est the income, if you have edm domain for keywords. keyword research showing 70k monthly, 42 diff, 100 ctr , 84 priority all northern europe traffic

    | balthaar

  • A bit complicated of a situation, and one I have never experienced before.  Ill do my best to explain: To start: I operate 10+ GMB listings for a brand with multiple locations. The listings in question are our main brand account, representing our headquarters and largest location, and a smaller sub-brand that represents a unique portion of our business at the same physical location with its own staff, hours, entrance, etc. Both are completely legitimate and have been for years, despite sharing the same physical address (think of a retail store inside a resort). About 2 months ago i opened GMB and the system had automatically merged the 2 listings. They were flagged as duplicated due to the address issue. Ok, fine, no problem. After several chats and a call with GMB verifying they were unique businesses and confirming the issue they agreed to un-merge the listings. Once un-merged, we noticed a strange issue. The organic relevance in both maps and knowledge panel had been transferred from our main brand listing to the sub-brand. When querying anything that would trigger our maps listing or the knowledge panel the sub-brands account was now magically showing, including its landing page, phone number, etc. After countless chats / emails / calls with GMB i finally reached someone who understood the issue. This was escalated to GMBs technical team and they returned with the answer that they had never seen this before. Great. More importantly, they returned with the answer they could not correct the problem OR force the 2 listings back together. At this point, we were receiving a very large call volume to the sub-business that was meant for our main brand. After many back and forth's with Google's team, the recommended solution outside of deal with it, was to essentially change the information on the sub-brand to match the main brand page. The hope being the system would automatically merge them again. A bit crazy, but we didnt have much of a choice. That was 2 months ago. Our sub-brand page, now essentially hi-jacked to look like our main brand, receives close to 200k views a month. Our old main brand page still receives around 30 - 50k month. Clearly this is not ideal. Any recommendations on a solution? Happy to completely lose the sub-brand account, but its ranking and relevance has now become hugely important. My preference would be to merge the 2, but I am unsure if that will negatively impact the ranking. Our original brand account has thousands of reviews, is linked to our YouTube, etc. We would need to remove the sub-brand account that has now taken priority in search and request GMB merge it into the old account.

    | jan_noc

  • Hi Just redeveloped my site and went live end of April Since then whenever i do a branded search  the GMB 'pack' has always shown on the right hand side whenever i do a branded search but it has disapeared as of the last couple of days. Any ideas why this can happen ? and is it anything to worry about or just a google 'glitch' that should right itself soon? If not any ideas how to fix ? (accounts and website all properly linked) etc When i go to GMB dashboard and click 'View on Search' it does show up as it should, but not when i go to do a google search for the brand name !? All Best Dan

    | Dan-Lawrence

  • Debt Collectors – Debt Collection Agency Melbourne Hi Moz Community One of our client website JMA Credit ( ) We have installed Business Review Bundle Wordpress plugin to display our Google Reviews on our website. Enabled Rich snippet option – to display aggregate rating Schema code available on the source Also, tested on structured data testing tool – it shows everything is fine But, Aggregate rating (star) not displayed on the SERP Page Waiting for valuable response to get this issue fixed

    | Bhisshaun

  • I have a client who is insisting that all of us in the office 'like' his positive reviews on Google. My boss & I are fine with doing this, but due to the industry the client works in, my staff is questioning doing this or not because they do not want to be associated with his company outside of work. Is there any SEO benefit to us liking his reviews or is this more for him to feel better that people are reading them? Does my staff have anything to worry about if they do 'like' his reviews?

    | Justine.Hedge

  • I managed to snap up a domain last October that was previously being used by people to create online resumes. On this domain I have created a site that allows businesses to have a short web address that they then use to send their customers to. This short address displays a list of review sites that the customers can choose from to leave a review on the business, ie GMB, Facebook (basically any established reviews site) etc.
    The problem I have is that there are so many old links that are pointing to the site referencing the previous resume business and I have three issues: Many people blindly sign up thinking it’s the resume business because they read it on another site who’s link they followed. The sites that list my domain are mainly job or resume related sites. I have the previous business customers still with their personalised links leading back to the site that I currently 404. The site in question is Any assistance or advice would be gratefully received.

    | DeanAndrews

  • Hello, We have used for a few years in the past. Service was reasonable and they did what they were supposed to do. However, due to their price and requirement for a full-year payment upfront we stopped using their review collection service. Is someone using They are included in Google Review Partners, which seems to be very encouraging: Also, they have a decent price for their intermediary package (about $ 89/month) and don't require a yearly contract like Trustpilot and some others. Any experiences you could share about will be appreciated. Luciano, The Translation Company Group

    | the-global-communicator

  • Everybody says it's important to put as much information as you can into your Google My Business listing.  I'm wondering if it helps to take Google up on it's offer to give you a free website in addition to the website I already have of my own.

    | KenLapp

  • Client has 3 locations in NYC... 1 is on the east side
    2 of them are a block apart on the west side (52nd & 51st street). When you search the business name, you only see 2 of the 3 listings - 1 on the East side and 1 of the 2 on the West side.  On the West side only the one with more reviews shows up. The semi-hidden location still exists.  You can find it if you type in the exact full name of the branch (it has the brand name + Midtown West vs its neighbor a block away that's brand name + Hell's Kitchen).  Otherwise, it's invisible. The Hell's Kitchen location that appears has 3000+ reviews.  The hidden one (Midtown West) has only 250+ reviews.  In the past, all 3 would show up. How do we get all 3 to show up again, at the initial, zoomed out view?

    | jaimeurteaga

  • The reviews services advertise that your reviews and stars will be placed in your Google search results and this helps with rankings. Does anyone have experience using Yotpo or with a brick and mortar business? Or, any business for that matter? Thanks,

    | Jarod4566

  • I have an interesting challenge for a new client. Basically, they collect payment from gym users whose monthly subscription payment has failed, and they charge the gym user a fee and not the gym. Their clients love them for this, but the end consumer hates them and as a consequence, every review or ratings site from Google Reviews to Trustpilot is universally filled with angry consumers who didn't read the Ts and Cs of their gym membership. Understandable, but it also means the client can't have a presence on any social channel as they simply become a gripe board for disgruntled consumers. My question is, how are the poor reviews impacting on rankings and domain authority and should I treat this like any other client in terms of fixing crawl issues and seeking quality backlinks or am I always going to be pushing water uphill? Cheers gang!

    | Algorhythm_jT

  • Hey all, Working with and trying to get 5-star reviews to show up at a SERP Feature on some of their pages. Everything validates using the Structured Data Testing Tool, yet we are not seeing anything in search. We have had this SERP Feature show up in the past. Here is a sample page - Hoping the greater consciousness (aka you) can help us figure out what we are doing wrong here. Or if it is just Google deciding not to display the aggregateRatings in search. Other clients who use this markup have it show up pretty quickly, trying to figure out why it isn't here and generally stumped. Thanks, Tim

    | TimAkers

  • Howdy, fellow mozzers. I would like to hear some thoughts on how to go about review generation for industries, where anonymity is preferred - like plastic surgery, DUI/DWI law, even intimate-related stores etc. Far not everyone would want to have their profile attached to a plastic surgery procedure, especially in private areas; or have their face by a review about them getting out of jail for drunk driving etc. We have clients in those industries and many clients of theirs would love to leave reviews, as long as they don't have to login with Google or other accounts. We sure use those testimonials on the website, but, again, faceless testimonials can look fake. Any advice?

    | DmitriiK

  • Hello everyone, I recently implemented some review schema for my website which looked to be successful as my review stars were appearing in organic rankings with no problem! Yay! However... I've just checked in on where we are with these and they have literally dropped off a cliff and I have no idea why. See image attached with the graph that shows our reviews looking great in July/August then dropping off w/c 26th August. I literally have no idea why this has happened. The Schema Markup Tool shows no errors or issues with the markup either. Can anyone advise? 81Rv88Y

    | Virginia-Girtz

  • Hi, Currently my client displaying Ratings & Reviews from a third-party (TripAdvisor) service and only displaying 5 reviews but not showing "Read More Reviews" button to TripAdvisor page. Now I would like to use Rich Snippet schema markup code on these rating & reviews but below are my few concerns, could you please guide me: 1. Can I use Rich Snippet Schema markup code on widget of TripAdvisor Rating & Review. 2. If I apply schema markup code, Do I need to maintain TripAdvisor link for "Read More reviews". Below are the URLs which contains TripAdvisor rating & reviews after big image: Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, Satla

    | TrulyTravel

  • Hey everyone, This has been an on-going problem that we've been having for a select location of ours. We've been #1 ranked for the keyword "dog groomers near me", however we don't show up in the Google Local Pack (top 3 locations box). We have a high 4.9 rating with 20+ ratings, and the other locations that DO show up have a 2.4 and 3.6 rating with less reviews! I've exhausted every resource and have even geo-tagged our specific photos on our landing pages. I'm not sure what to do anymore as we're already #1 ranked on every similar keyword. Thank you, Anthony

    | anthonydegalbo

  • Hello! Does anyone have a good experience with using an online reputation management tool to help generate online reviews for a Google My Business listing, Facebook, etc? The reason I ask about a review software is because of my client's age demographic (50+), so we need to have an automated system to request reviews from their clients and to make it simple for them to leave reviews.

    | eport12

  • Hi there, I know that Google have sadly discontinued ratings extension in AdWords but does anyone know a get-around for this? If possible, we'd like to show off the good reviews we have from Google My Business' Knowledge Panel in our ads. We're an online product/service so I don't want to link GMB through the location extension if possible (it doesn't make sense for anyone to pay us a visit in real life). Is there a better way of linking our AdWords to our GMB or is there an alternative extension/ AdWords feature we can use to get review ratings in our ad? Thanks 🙂

    | Fubra

  • I need help with getting my site appearing in the knowledge panel for reviews. Our reviews are appearing in the search snippets but not on the knowledge panel when our competitors with far fewer reviews are. We’ve labored over best practices in perfecting our markup but would love a second opinion to see if there’s something we’re overlooking. For example take this venue on our website: It has 136 of our own reviews. We are the 1st result and it shows our star rating, reviews and price range. However, we don’t appear in the knowledge panel - this is happening for almost every business we have listed on our site. In this particular example, the knowledge panel has en Ville Catering with 45 reviews. I cannot find any errors in our structured data but I see it in our competition: Example 2: Search: US:
    SDTT: Competitor in KP:
    SDTT: Example 3: US:
    SDTT: Search:
    Competitor 1 in KP:
    SDTT: (I know it’s Facebook. However, there’s about 6-8 competitors appearing in the KP with Schema issues and we aren’t. We’ve compared ourselves against each one of them and cannot determine what the issue might be.) Competitor 2 in KP:
    SDTT: Competitor 3 in KP:
    SDTT: CMxg9Z1


  • Hi there, I'm trying to delete a Google business address but need to know that this will not effect the other apps linked to my google business profile (analytics for example). Do these work independently? I dont really want to delete the profile but the company I work for feel the review section will be detrimental. Thanks!

    | KateOBrien

  • Have ideas on how to present hundreds of user ganarated reviews on website in a Google friendly way? "Load more" / calling APIs / or pagination seems to have disadvantages for ranking for this content. Any suggestions, inspiration, tools and articles appreciated.

    | Joseph-Green-SEO

  • I advise a regional company on their online marketing efforts. They provide a service across a very large area, and they only have one corporate office. Their product is purchased online, and there is no face-to-face interaction with customers.  Customers do not conduct business at their corporate office. Yelp says they are primarily intended for the review of local businesses and their guidelines for adding a business state that they are "l__ess interested in showing online-only, business-to-business (b2b), and direct-seller businesses" and that "if a business page you add is not eligible to be listed on Yelp, it will not be part of our directory".  Our business doesn't meet this criteria.  So my question is how I would go about requesting that our Yelp remove our listing due to ineligibility? I found an article on Whitespark that discusses this topic and they show some clear examples of online-only businesses that had their Yelp listings removed.  Unfortunately, that article doesn't offer an insight on how to go about the process of requesting/triggering removal. Does anyone have experience on how to go about this?  Any advice is greatly appreciated.

    | UMoveFree

  • Hi, I have recently asked a client to download their disavow file and send it over for us to review. One thing that stood out is that they have disavowed URL's from really good/ trusted sites, just because they mention the client's product in a negative way. This isn't how I would use the disavow tool. Is this an abuse of the disavow tool, or is there a benefit to using it in such a way?

    | HubMDP

  • Hi. I have already applied this strategy: Capture Your Space on All Local Business Directories. Leverage the Power of Local Link Building Focus on Reviews and Ratings Use Local Structured Data Markup What could I do to improve my strategy in 2018?

    | martinxm

  • If there are enough reviews on a product page to warrant page 2, 3 etc, BazaarVoice appends the below snippets to each new page of reviews, which are then also indexed, despite BazaarVoice SEO settings that automate a canonical tag (seemingly since the differing reviews on each page are not similar enough to honor the canonical). <cite class="iUh30">?bvstate=pg:2/ct:r</cite> <cite class="iUh30">?bvstate=pg:3/ct:r</cite> It seems has found a way to hack the BV code to create a dedicated page to view all reviews: While blocks it in the Robots file (defeats SEO value) - Noindex: */catalog/products/bvroute=Review Noindex: */catalog/products/bvtab Tons of brands apparently have the issue, and you can see more examples if you search "inurl:bvstate=pg" Anyone aware of a solution to this?

    | Eroc

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