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  • website

    I need a new website for my health insurance business. What type is best for SEO? Many thanks

    | laurentjb

  • So I am trying to figure out how my google rankings dropped from 3 to 9 This past week.  Could it be the new HTTPS security issue?  My site was created in HTTP not HTTPS.  Is this an easy fix? Can I hire someone on this site to fix this?

    | Boodreaux

  • Hi all, We have noticed recently soft 404s are increasing day by day; which are landing on our custom 404 page created a month back. Other 404 pages are NOT landing on custom 404 page. Does this custom 404 page hurting us by causing an increase in soft 404s? Our CMS is WordPress. Thanks

    | vtmoz

  • Hi Moz Community. I'm currently working on cleaning up a website footer on an e-commerce site. I was curious to find out if including payment options is important? Either text or image icons. Including Visa, AMEX etc. Are there benefits of displaying them? Image attached. Thanks vcdoL

    | Kdruckenbrod

  • hi, i would like to create my own website, but I am confused either to choose cpanel hosting or managed wordpress

    | alan-shultis

  • Hello all, I have been working hard on my SEO (and SEM) to the point where I'm getting plenty of traffic from my targeted keywords. The only problem is that none of this people are becoming leads (the goal for our business). Anything jump out about these pages in terms of how to get people more likely to get to the form page? Anything on the form page that could be optimized to drive more form completions? Any insights would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    | Enertiv

  • BACKGROUND Im looking at redesigning the website for a creative consultancy to improve the user experience. The website is mainly an image portfolio along with “press”, “our services”, “about us”, “contact” pages. I originally designed the website a few years ago and when we did, we wanted to make the image portfolio the most important feature. So we made it a full screen JS image slider with lazy loading of images, so that there are about 40 full screen images on the homepage that rotate. From a users point of view i still feel this is the best system as it very quickly allows them to browse the portfolio, which we looking for a creative consultancy is their UPS (unique selling point). The site has a very strong backlink profile compared to its competitors in the SERPS it has about 20-25% increase in PA and DA. But our site has been slipping down the rankings in recent years / months. From spot 1-2 to about spot 5-7. MY HYPOTHESIS I think that the reason the site may be dropping back in the SERP is that although its a very usable site, all its portfolio information is “too easy to find / view” and results in a user coming to our site, seeing everything they need to see, then bouncing back to the SERP. Our site has a bounce rate of 40-60%. Where as on competitors sites, their “portfolio” is a separate page off the homepage, so a users has to click through to a separate page, and even if they don't like the design content of the portfolio it doesn't get logged as a bounce. MY QUESTION Does bounce rate affect SERP ranking ? Could the sites SERP performance be improved by redesigning the site to put the portfolio on a separate page so a user would have to click through to it, if that would get the bounce rate down, would the site see a benefit even if people still clicked back to the SERP results eventually after seeing our portfolio, even though it wasn't a true 1 page bounce ? Dose time on site affect SERP ranking ? Is there a way i can see a competitor's bounce rate ? Would welcome any other thoughts inputs on this matter.

    | sl_pa

  • Curious if anyone has some good examples of ways to organize your WordPress tags without making your sidebar a football field long and hard to navigate. My blog is and I could use some ideas. We have main categories of photo shoot types, for example, "Couples", located on the sidebar. We want to add tags to go with those main categories for further categorization and user experience example: Couples Engagement Proposals Honeymoon Maternity My question is, do I need to make "tag" pages for those posts to reside on or is their another way to get it done with less work, that is much faster? I don't want to have to make 30 tag pages or is that just what you have to do?

    | photoseo1

  • I have 4 years of experience in feedback and survey of different companies for the people who want to learn some from online education about how to do something? and people want to get ease in daily life skills Kroger feedback provides them with a platform to learn everything about surveys and how to drive some to its highest peaks. It all works for People out there through Education SO I have now my own website ready to go but there is a problem in its on-page ranking factors I shall be thankful to you if some from you answer my question What things I should do to add more attractiveness to my site? take a look at my recent view of my site take a look at this Kroger feedback  if somebody from you can answer my request??

    | SEOTOOLS02

  • local seo

    We find 404 pages on our company website using Screaming Frog SEO tool. it's important to fix these 404 errors, a web designer can normally help.

    | sarahwalsh

  • Hi, I hope you are doing good. My website speed is too much slow. Mobile speed is 12 and Desktop speed is 39. Please check my website speed.
    What can I do for my website to increase speed?
    What is best way to increase website speed. Here is my website:

    | Bigbrand

  • Hello, I've got a question about offshore hosting. I have an affiliate website containing information about betting . The target market is The Netherlands. Because of legal reasons (stricter policiy and possible penalties) I would like to do the hosting of this website in another country. Does this have any SEO complications? I heard websites that are hosted in anthother coutry than the country of the target market have a lower rank. Is this true and is there anything I can do do avoid this problem? I hope someone will be able to help me! Thanx in advance.

    | MartijnWijbenga29

  • Our (small) company is a little late to the party on this, and we've only just realised that we're better off with an SSL certificate for our website. (Yes I know, I know, but we dropped SEO some time ago after getting severely bitten by a certain Penguin, and are only just making tentative step back to it after those intervening years, so we're running to get back up to date with these things.) This has now been implemented, but our web guy has dropped the 'www' element during the process. Our address has always historically been redicrected to our main address. Now our web guy has implemented the SSL cert, our website URL is appearing as, and he has redirected the to that new URL. Obviously all our historic (and more recent) link building has been to the address. Is this an issue, should the new Https URL keep the 'www', or does it make no difference what so ever? Conversely could it actually be of benefit dropping the 'www.' because our keyword specific product URL's are now 4 characters closer to the http and 4 digits shorter? Finally, on the links we have control of (professional trade associations etc) do we need to ask them to change the links to the new Https address, or does the transition from Http to Https make no difference?

    | Wookii

  • hello everyone when i search "متیلن کلراید" on google sometimes my website is first page on google and sometime isn't on google. my website is help me please

    | sporting2323

  • i have been working on my link profile for a month now, after learning about 5 step moz methodology i have decided that i would like to change all of the content of my site and taylor it to what my customers need, am i gonna loose all the domain authority if make changes? if it gonna affect, hows that  gonna come out

    | calvinkj

  • Hello, We have an Ecommerce store and we need our category buttons to be redone and to shine. Unfortunately, I've tried all my places and none are 10X, though none of them cost very much (like Fiverr, Freelancer) What I would like is some advice on where to go for inexpensive but still very good quality graphics. I'm a good designer, and so far, I can do better graphics than the designers I've found, I just don't have the time as a busy SEO. Please let me know If you have any gems you are willing to share. I'm searching the community colleges as we speak. Thanks.

    | BobGW

  • Watchguard and Websense/Forecepoint are flagging my financial services site can I prevent that from happening.

    | AdsposureDev

  • What are you expecting to see on the page you land on ?

    | seoanalytics

  • keywords title tags

    Hi there, what is the best way to decide the keywords to be used in title tag?

    | lucybish

  • Hi there, We have a good-sized eCommerce client that is gearing up for a relaunch. At this point, the staging site follows the previous best practice for pagination (self-referencing canonical tags on each page; rel=next & prev tags referencing the last and next page within the category). Knowing that Google does not support rel=next/prev tags, does that change your thoughts for how to set up canonical tags within a paginated product category? We have some categories that have 500-600 products so creating and canonicalizing to a 'view all' page is not ideal for us. That leaves us with the following options (feel it is worth noting that we are leaving rel=next / prev tags in place): Leave canonical tags as-is, page 2 of the product category will have a canonical tag referencing ?page=2 URL Reference Page 1 of product category on all pages within the category series, page 2 of product category would have canonical tag referencing page 1 (/category/) - this is admittedly what I am leaning toward. Any and all thoughts are appreciated! If this were in relation to an existing website that is not experiencing indexing issues, I wouldn't worry about these. Given we are launching a new site, now is the time to make such a change. Thank you! Joe

    | Joe_Stoffel

  • I‘d like to review the internal linking structure on my site. Is there a tool that can visualize the relationships between all of the pages within my site?

    | QBSEO

  • core web vitals

    In preparation for Core Web Vitals becoming a ranking factor in May 2021, we are making efforts to reduce our Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) on pages where the shift is being caused by images loading. The general recommendation is to specify both height and width attributes in the html, in addition to the CSS formatting which is applied when the images load. However, this is problematic in situations where responsive images are being used with different aspect ratios for mobile vs desktop. And where a CMS is being used to manage the pages with images, where width and height may change each time new images are used, as well as aspect ratios for the mobile and desktop versions of those. So, I'm posting this inquiry here to see what kinds of approaches others are taking to reduce CLS in these situations (where responsive images are used, with differing aspect ratios for desktop and mobile, and where a CMS allows the business users to utilize any dimension of images they desire).

    | seoelevated

  • I am in the process of having a wordpress site developed to replace my current HTML site. (I currently have my website in html and a blog in wordpress in a sub directory).  I am doing this in phases to try and preserve as much of my good rankings as possible.  My first phase is to replicate my site with the exact same pages, meta data, and site structure.  I'm hoping that google will see this as not much change and not change my rankings for the worse.  I also made it a goal that my site speed tests be at least equal to what they are now. We will have to 301 all of the URLs however since it will be going from /example.html to /example.  I believe my blog will also need to move into the root directory as well, so I need to 301 all of those pages. I plan to wait a couple months for Phase 2.  Phase 2 involves replacing old content (photo galleries), and introducing new content (virtual tours, videos, new pages, etc.) One of my reasons for moving to wordpress is to keep up with current trends a little easier since I have very little time.  (I am owner, website maintainer, SEO - all on my own). My question here is three parts.  1. Do you think this strategy will work to preserve my current rankings? 2. Do you have any lessons learned or advice to share with me to make this as smooth as possible? 3. Do I really need to wait to add new content?  I might get antsy and want to do it sooner!  🙂 Thank you in advance!

    | CalicoKitty2000
  • Unsolved

    knowldege base

    Hi, I am looking to add a knowledgebase to our website. I would like it to be indexed by google to help with SEO. Does anyone know of a good knowledge base add on that works well with SEO. I have zoho knowledgebase, but I am not sure if would work well with SEO. Thanks !

    | OrionPower

  • schema medical industry

    Has anyone seen a hospital system or medical clinic properly employ schema markup to their sites? This seems like very new territory, and we want to do it right by our client. Are there any best practices I need to look out for?

    | Madgenius

  • amp mobile first indexing

    I am considering developing a new site monetized with Adsense. I am wondering if it's still worth bothering with AMP, it will take some work to get the functionality I have in mind working on these pages due to the inherent limitations. Has anyone got any insights in terms of current and future benefits of AMP in terms of ranking benefits and Adsense earning potential?

    | GrouchyKids

  • I have done a ton of research trying to figure this out but still need help and clarification. My strength is marketing and not the technical aspects of ecommerce cms etc. I am ignorant in this area and don't mind if you explain to me like a 5 year old. I am ready to take my marketing knowledge and creativity to ecommerce but this one aspect is stopping me. I really want to understand this and would be appreciative of the option to do a skype instant message session where I would pay you for your time to ask for clarification. I will explain my situation so you can better understand where I am coming from and can recommend something appropriately. My ecommerce stores run between my own and my clients range from motorcycle, supplement and fitness equipment stores. None of the stores are very large with the biggest one having about 150 products. Mainly I am looking for a mix between an economical solution combined with being easy to use and great for search engine visibility. I have a lot of questions here and appreciate in advance anyone reading all of this and helping. Am I correct in my understanding that I basically have 3 options when doing ecommerce. One is I can go to a company like 3d cart or volusion and they can provide the merchant account, ssl cert, the cart and free and paid templates ready to go? Two is getting free cart software such as Magento or OScommerce etc. The third option is paid cart software like zen cart or others. Is that my main options? Let's say I was to use 3d cart. What kind of cart platform will I be using then? One they created? Or do they use a (free/paid) solution like I talked about in question 1? Is the main advantage of using a company like 3dcart and volusion the fact that they integrate many things into one? With Magento would I need a developer to customize my theme to integrate all those things? Are there some major disadvantages to using companies like 3d cart? How does the process and advantages work when using a solution like Magento or OScommerce. So for example I decide to use the Magento free platform. Am I then able to hire a designer to create a site from scratch that will work with the Magento platform? Or I could also go to template monster and purchase a theme already made and have it customized by someone? Also what about paid cart software like zen cart etc? Why would I use that over the others? Would I also then hire a designer to create a site that works with zen cart or purchase a template made then customize? Are you able to create almost ANY structure and design for a site no matter what its cart platform is? For example, although I would make a few changes to this site I think it's very close to a great site from a design/conversion standpoint. . Lets say for example I was using any one of the options I have so far mentioned. Would I be able to just tell a designer/developer that I have magento,3dcart, zencart etc and tell him I would like that type of layout for example? How would I know how certain cart platforms are coded? Does that even make sense? For example I have created and ranked many sites and tested quite a bit also. I have always noticed that very clean basic static html sites have almost always ranked better and faster for me. Do these platforms come built a certain way such as html or (I don't even know what the names of other options are). Or does it not come as anything and when I have the site built I determine how I want it built? Also if you have any suggested reading for me I would be appreciative. Thank you for the help. Jake

    | PEnterprises

  • I have never thought of anything beyond a site that was possibly developed a month or two ago, but an interesting possible client has come along and begs a question. They had their site "redesigned" in April 2014 and it appears whomever did the work did not realize what a 301 was for. Using ahrefs or MajesticSEO, they have gone from roughly 15,000 referring pages to 500 and the time line perfectly intersects the redesign. Sooooo, just wondering if any of you geniuses has ever gone back that far to try and pull off a 301.... I am actually just thinking of a link building / content marketing plan but thought it was an interesting question. Thanks for the help, Robert

    | RobertFisher

  • Looking for a company or person  willing to work on a small company website in other words not expensive 🙂 I looked on the recommended list on the MOZ website but they mostly in America and mostly only too willing to work on large company websites. There wasn't anything catering for a one-man band business like mine which is letting holiday cottages I have just started talks with a responsive web designer, but if I got the right SEO company maybe they could do both but not necessary.

    | WhitbyHolidayCottages

  • Hi there, I’m looking for some feedback on a statement made on my Facebook Page re Wordpress and SEO. Please understand I wouldn’t class myself as an expert but I am competent and achieve satisfactory results for clients, more so since becoming a SEOmoz Pro user, I’ve just had some great results for a client using SEOmoz guidelines in ‘On Page SEO Reports’ thank you very much! A comment however made on my FB page has got my interest…. “as you (kn)no(w) google loves WP and will get listed quicker as 80 to 90% of your SEO is already done” Does Wordpress (or Joomla for that matter mentioned in the same conversation) have some SEO advantages that Google loves as the poster would have me believe, can I save time and effort working in word press from an SEO point of view? I use the age old techniques of targeting key phrases and words and distributing them accordingly. Creating internal link structures with ‘key worded anchor text’ etc before embarking on any off page SEO. Do any of you vastly experienced (in comparison to me) SEO folk have any insight into what this statement refers to? I did not gather any references to SEO advantages in Wordpress or Joomla in the Enge and Fishkin et al book The Art of SEO, or any of the other books I’ve read, to develop my knowledge on SEO for the benefit of my clients and of course my pocket. J

    | JemRobinson

  • Hi, I'm in the process of helping a client with a wedding show & supplier directory. Could anyone give me pointers as to the best practice for the architecture? Because the suppliers and shows will be listed geographically is there a possibility for the site to seem keyword stuffed? thanks, MOZ brain, you guys always rock.

    | Libra_Photographic

  • Hi everyone, I created a self-hosted custom PHP website the page is ( custom cosmetic boxes ), but it doesn't show up on Google. I tried to follow tutorials on the HubSpot, but even my site sucks. Please help me where I am wrong. Maybe the little thing is left unattended, which makes it void.
    Please help me.

    | fbowable

  • My server had delete all Data, and delete most of the ranks. How do I get everything back ? I Dont Have Backup can any one can help ?

    | electricsmokeres

  • I’m working for a company who is looking to gradually replace an existing website with a new website. They will replace the homepage, then a section, then another section, and so on, until the new site is complete. All new pages will sit on a temporary subdomain. So, for example, the URL for the homepage at the moment is, but as soon as the new homepage is ready, that will be launched on a temporary URL / subdomain - - replacing the old homepage. The new pages will then gradually increase on (so journeys will inevitably move across domains) until the whole of the new website is ready on - at which point it will move on to I know this isn’t a good way of doing things - I would much prefer the new site is completely built and then it just replaces the old site with the necessary 301 redirects in place - but the company wants to see the gradual roll out of new page designs. So, my question is, what’s the best way to manage this without negatively impacting rankings for the existing domain (

    | RWesley

  • We are running into this issue where we see items 30 -50 appear underneath the article title for google SERP descriptions . See screenshot or you can preview how its appearing in the listing for the site here: Items 30 - 50", however this is not accurate and we are not sure what google algorithm is counting. .  Articles/Pages/Products counts are not close to this, products are 100+, so are the articles. Anyone have any thoughts on what google is pulling for the count and how to correct this? We would want to either hide this or correct this. view?usp=sharing

    | Raymond-Support

  • Hi there, We have a pretty strong organic presence on our consumer facing blog. Around 5.7 million organic clicks Year to Date. It's currently housed in Wordpress on a subdomain. Our team is considering migrating our blog from Wordpress to Sitecore, where our parent organization resides. With that consideration, we're trying to determine if we should preserve the subdomain or move to a subdirectory of the parent brand. Moving to the parent brand would also result in a loss of our custom global nav - we would inherit the global nav of the parent website. We're not concerned about traffic loss risk - we know that we'll lose some but we think the move to subdirectory might be more beneficial in the long run from an SEO perspective. We're mostly concerned about the users getting lost without the global nav specific to the blog. Thoughts/concerns? Thank you!

    | Jessdyl

  • How can I check whether my website is accessible on mobile phones? Is there a tool that allows you to check if your website is opening on different mobiles? Also, is it better to have a dedicated website for mobiles or the original developed in a manner that it appears ok on mobiles as well? Cheers!

    | RishadShaikh59

  • I want to ask that my best tennis guru website speed is above 2.8 sec do it have any negative impact on my site?

    | looper5

  • hi reader, i have decided to add new pages to my site. if i add new urls, i feel like i have to submit the sitemap again. my  question is, does submitting sitemap again with new slugs or urls affects visibility is serps, if yes, how do i minimize the impact?


  • Does using the same CMS fabric/theme with substantially different content for each website but the same business address (on google places and the websites) cause SEO issues?  For example: 2 colleagues with somewhat similar services located at the same business addresses desire to use the same CMS fabric /theme  but will have different content on the sites.  Will this hurt their SEO / should they use a different website skin/theme?

    | toti588

  • I am building a multisite network based in subdirectories (of the kind)  where the main site is like a company site, and subsites are focused on brands or projects of that company. There will be links back and forth from the main site and the subsites, as if subsites were just categories or pages within the main site (they are hosted in subfolders of the main domain, after all). Now, Google's John Mueller has said: <<as far="" as="" their="" url="" structure="" is concerned,="" subdirectories="" are="" no="" different="" from="" pages="" and="" subpages="" on="" your="" main="" site.="" google="" will="" do="" its="" best="" to="" identify="" where="" sites="" separate="" using="" but="" the="" is="" same="" for="" a="" single="" site,="" you="" should="" assume="" that="" seo="" purposes,="" network="" be="" treated="" one="">></as> This sounds fine to me, except for the part "Google will do its best to identify where sites are separate", because then, if Google establishes that my multisite structure is actually a collection of different sites, links between subsites and mainsite would be considered backlinks between my own sites, which could be therefore considered a link wheel, that is, a kind of linking structure Google doesn't like. How can I make sure that Google understand my multisite as a unique site? P.S. - The reason I chose this multisite structure, instead of hosting brands in categories of the main site, is that if I use the subdirectories based multisite feature I will be able to map a TLD domain to any of my brands (subsites) whenever I'd choose to give that brand a more distinct profile, as if it really was a different website.

    | PabloCulebras

  • Hey all, Ever since Google announced "Core Web Vitals" are mobile rankings have nose-dived. At first, I thought it was optimisation changes to the page titles we had made which might still be part of the issue. However, Desktop rankings actuallyy increased for the same pages where mobile decreased. There is the plan to introduce a new ranking signal into the Google algorithm called the "core web vitals: and this was discussed around late May. even though it's supposed to get fully indexed into a ranking signal later this year or early next; I think Google continuously test and release this items before any official release. If you weren't aware, there is a section in Google Webmaster Tools related to "core web visits", which looks at:1. Loading2. Interactivity3. Visual StabilityThis overlays some of the other basic requirements of a good website and mobile experience. Taking a look at our Google Search Console, it appears to be the following:1. Mobile- 1,006 poor URLs, 100URLs need improvement and 475 good URLs.2. desktop- 0 poor URLs, 379 need improvements and 1,200 good URLsSOURCE: the report, we can see two distinct issues with the mobile pages:CLS Issue: more than 0.25 (mobile)- 1,006 casesLCP issue: longer than 4secs (mobile) - 348 case_CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift)This is a developer issue, and needs fixing. It's basically when a mobile screen jumps for the user. It is explained in this article: to be an issue with all pages. **LCP (Largest Contentful Paint)_**Again, another developer fix that needs to be implemented. It's connected to page speed, and can be viewed here: at GCS, it looks like the blog content is mostly to blame.It's worth fixing these issues and again looking at the other items on page speed score tests:1. Leverage browser caching- mobile score for home page is 16/100, is 15/100I think here is the biggest indicator of the issue at hand. Has anybody else noticed their mobile rankings go down and desktop stay the same of increase.Kind regards,

    | robhough909

  • دانلود رایگان سریال The 100 - دانلود زیرنویس فارسی سریال صد - دانلود فصل ششم سریال The 100 - دانلود کامل سریال 100 نفر با کیفیت BluRay خلاصه داستان : داستان سریال 100 نفر درباره نود و هفت سال جنگ هسته ای بین انسان ها می باشد که تمدن بر روی زمین را نابود می کند. بازماندگان این جنگ در سفینه ای فضایی زندگی می کنند ولی… دانلود سریال the 100 0b15f6f557c720e088d7ef3d974cc6d6-780-backdrop.jpg

    | amir1016

  • Do things like using labels on an element that is not a form input affect how google sees us? It's an accessibility error that our devs have made - using a label element because it looks good, not because it's an actual label on a form field. Just wondering how that affects accessibility in Google's eyes.

    | GregLB

  • Hi All I've picked up a new website project and wanted to ask about the best way to proceed with the current site during the development process. The current site is incomplete although it has been live for a while and has over 80 pages in the sitemap. Link to site The business owner wants to take down the current site and simply add a landing page stating "new website coming soon". From an SEO perspective, am I better to keep the current site live until the new site is ready? Or would it not make any difference if I setup the landing page and add 301 redirects from each page in the sitemap to the landing page. Many Thanks In Advance For Any Assistance

    | ruislip18

  • Hi Everyone, I know this has been brought up before, but wanted your opinion for 2020. I have a new client that is hesitant to do a mega menu for their huge site due to the amount of links and "dilution". I have quite a few clients with mega menus with no problems at all from an SEO standpoint. But I can understand his perspective. I am suggesting that we have the main links (looking at GA) as the the navigation, then clicking them takes you to subcategory page listing all the subcats within. Problem is that the developer/designer has made this mega menu already and it is pretty slick. Now they already are killing it search-wise on Google, but don't have a mega menu or a secondary category page. Just a a category with too many products, so we are trying to go one way or the other. Any opinions on which route to best take from a user and SEO perspective?

    | vetofunk

  • I have a 10 year old website and I have just recently changed to a https: version and my host ionos setup a 301 redirect. I have noticed on my Moz reports that as well as a 301 redirect there is also a 302. How do I find why I have a 302 redirect? I have looked in my htaccess file and it says:- RewriteCond %{SERVER_PORT} 80
    RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://%{HTTP_HOST}/$1 [R,L] I'm assuming this is the 301 redirect, where will I find the 302 redirect. Please note that I am using Wordpress that was not setup through ionos. Does anyone know where a 302 redirect could also be installed or how I find why its there or where its coming from? Thanks Andrew

    | Ast9858

  • Hey all, so in the past when I make changes to a site, I make the changes, review the analytics in the wake of the changes, analyze and go from there. Little things here and there, no biggie. With my new company, we're doing a full website redesign from scratch (Currently on Wordpress, moving to custom). They are asking me about analytics and reporting and I was hoping to get some insight here. When the new site is ready, they are launching it at and sending 25% of traffic to to that with the other 75% going to (current site). So two questions- how would you go about setting up analytics for that? And how do you ensure the www2 version doesn't get indexed but stay in Google's good graces? If you de-index your "home page" that 25% are seeing I can't imagine that's helpful for SEO. Hopefully that makes sense! Trying to look at how to A/B test to ensure the new site is working and converting before pushing all traffic to it.

    | DanDeceuster

  • I want to ask that i want to change my website theme does this will have any side effects on my humidifier site Seo?

    | farhankhan11

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